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Photo Safari

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Well, yesterday was a fine and fulfilling day for Martha and I in our ongoing quest for artful living in this natural paradise. We each had some morning commitments first. Martha had an art student at 10am and I had to open Two Rivers Gallery at 11am and then resolve some issues with the gallery’s account. Then we met up and went off together to take a hike and conduct a photo safari.

Many years ago, too many to think about, we had taken a lovely hike and stumbled upon some Native American petroglyphs. Later, I had confirmed with good friend and local historian Bill Layman, that he had known of them and that these were in fact known to those in the field. I had not taken any pictures of them at the time and have not been back there in nearly two decades. So; with that in mind, I had decided that I would like to get some current photos of the glyphs and hoped that they are still there and not damaged by nature or people. We arrived at our starting point a bit after noon and headed out on the trail. We had many opportunities to take beautiful nature shots all along the way. I was able to get some pleasing photos of the bridge over the river and was careful to not get the Wildcat Cheerleaders, who were at the trail head for their team/squad photo,s into any of my shots. The river was gorgeous and very dramatic being so full and fast. We passed by the point where my then 12yr old son and I once got into a bit of trouble on the river but managed to pull through the strong current and make it through to tell the tale after.

As we continued our hike (more of a gentle walk really) I continued taking photos of the river, a wee bit of a water fall, a raptor flying over the river and most dramatically a bunch of rock climbesr working their way up and down the mountain across the gorge. As we continued our little walk a young couple stopped and offered to take a quick photo of us, which we were more than happy to let them take for us. Finally we approached our destination, and low and behold I found the glyphs. There they were right where I recalled them being. At first I thought they seemed just a bit more faded than I recalled them. But, as they have withstood nature for hundreds of years and likely would not have faded dramatically in just the last few years, I concluded that I probably just recalled them more vividly in my mind than they were.

All-in-all a wonderful day in nature then followed by some good German food and drink in Leavenworth. While we were there we took time to appreciate the art in the park and met and spoke with Yuri the Russian artist who shows at the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center were Martha and I have our paintings and photos on exhibit.

Well, enough for now and off to put up displays at the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center and then to the Lance Dooly opening at the Icicle Arts Gallery tonight at 5pm.