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Street Walking Puppets and First Friday Artful Living in Wenatchee

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Well, last night was a fun filled First Friday all around town. For me the first stop was at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, where it was all about the bicentennial of the David Thompson expedition. Our part was in donning the giant puppet costumes yet again. Well, not me but, Martha Flores and several other puppeteers. Bill Rietvelt was there of course as were many others involved in the giant puppet project. I only stayed long enough to help Martha get into her puppet and out to the street to prance and dance around in front of the museum with the other giant puppets, get a few photos and some video and head across town to some of the other venues. My next stop in fact was Amanda’s book store, where I found Ryan from Apple FM was there doing a live broadcast . It was funny that I bumped into him there, as he recognized me from sitting next to him on a plane to CA over the Holidays. As soon as I recognized him it seemed quite a coincidence and I had to tell him that I had taken much of his advice since our talk and had started not one but two blogs and was also going to be doing a live streaming video at Two Rivers Gallery in a little while on the Art News Network channel which I started. He was glad to hear all that and I took pictures of him and Amanda and some of the folks at the book store. I was glad to hear that the brick and mortar book store is doing well. Good for you Amanda. Hope you keep a good supply of art books on the shelves. I like your display of photos in the store. While there I met Michael Archer who was there for a book signing of his book "The Mystery Within" I love the wonderful photo art in the background behind Michael in the photo I took of him. After Amanda’s, it was off to Two Rivers Gallery, where I set up the live streaming video without a hitch. I wandered about with the live stream camera rolling (if it’s proper to say that a digitized camera is “rolling”). I got live video of the art of Ann Bixby Smith and Lynn Wright Brown, and, all the other fine artist displaying in the gallery. I also got pics and video of the folks enjoying the art and the soft Celtic music being played by Connie Celustka & Kim Elliott.

A little later I’m told Icicle TV came to shoot the activity & interview members of the gallery. I had gone over to the Performing Arts Center to check out the art of Russ Hepler and listen to nice Indi Folk music by a young male guitarist and singer; so I missed the Icicle TV guys… Oh well. I Can’t be everywhere at once. While there I chatted it up with Russ and he lead me out front to the sidewalk beer garden that the PAC had set up. He was really having a time visiting with all his old High school and even Jr. High School friends, even Rufus Woods was there… nice. Down the block I checked out the photos of another Amanda, who along with her husband Matt had set up a tent with her Northwest photos on display.

Then, having bumped into some other good friends and artist who were on there way to Two Rivers Gallery, I headed back to the gallery with them. I was gald to see that the live streaming was still going on without a hitch… yeah! And finally Martha called from the museum. Good friend and puppeteer (Giant Coyote) Don Collins was bringing her to the gallery, there stint as Giant Puppet Street Walkers done for the evening. Once Don and Martha arrived at TRG it was more chit chat and visiting with Jan cook Mac and other artists at the gallery and even photographing Jan Thieriault and John Crew in the Closet…. And, of course way too many snacks. At the end of this evening of artful living and art walking, I can truly say….’and a good time was had by all’. I even got some one to take a photo of me with my artful Mustang... hee haa!

Just an added note from Jan Thieriault… now that he’s out of the closet…he says, “Next month will be our first theme exhibit, "The Western Experience" at Two Rivers.

Western sculptor, Larry Gay, will be exhibiting his bronze work. Participating members of the gallery are asked to have a least one artwork that represents the "West" or Northwest” and he wouldn’t forgive me, if I didn’t remind everyone not to forget the "Friends of the Gallery" sidewalk sale coming up next Saturday at 10am-4pm. Members are asked to donate art or art supplies priced low & can be sold quickly. Bring your donation between 9am-10am. Shop & pick up some great deals!

Sounds good Jan. I’m thinking folks who come by will get some good deals on art and art supplies.

Enough for now, and, back to putting together those new bar stools for Martha. Wish me luck.