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Tuesday Social Club Lots Of Invitations

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Tuesday was a day for special invites around town. In the morning I was ‘invited’ to see the new lighting at Two Rivers Gallery that board president Jan Theriault had picked up for a pesky place in the gallery that just needed a bit more gallery lighting so as to nix those pesky florescent lights above. I came, I saw… I installed. That Jan. What a guy. Come see my new light… “bring a ladder”… Just kidding Jan I was glad to screw those complicated and expensive light bulbs in for you. While there I got to see some pics of Jan Cook Mac working at the gallery making some of her famous jewelry. Jan added that the gallery is now open from 11am-4pm Wed. through Sat and from 1-4pm on Sunday. Good to know. After that, I followed up on an invitation from Terry Johnson and visited with Terry to see how the problem pot he was working on Monday came out. Sadly it was in the waste pail soaking in water to be reconstituted. Too bad. But, as Terry added, “If you see it at the gallery it has been thoroughly tested”. Yeah, I guess. While there I dropped off some used lighting fixtures for his shop/studio that I had stored in my basement. Hanging out for a bit it was fun to hear Terry’s stories about when he was in the Coast guard and about how he has handles dissatisfied customers. After discussing my Mustang a bit we decided to put the pin striping project on hold for a bit. I am not really sure about pi striping the ’65 Mustang. It would have to be minimal and probably limited to the raised portion of the cowl induction hood, as the lines on a Mustang are such that they really don’t need pin striping generally. Besides I wouldn’t want to be one of those dissatisfied customers that Terry has had to ‘deal’ with… ya know what I mean. Then it was off to yet another invitation. This time I was off to visit with Artie Bowman at the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center in Cashmere to see the mystery space up above the gallery. It was pretty cool to that old space up there that hasn’t been used in decades. After locating the padlock we went out to the street to access the old double doors that lead to the upstairs. Up the creepy old stairs we went gingerly stepping over various bits of debris… mostly plaster that had fallen from the ceiling. Once to the top we could see that there had once been a dentist’s office and an optometrist’s’ office up there toward the front of the building. There was plenty of evidence of the pigeon problem they once had up there and of the damage from a long ago repaired leaky roof. But, alas the damage to the ceiling had been done well before the roof must have been repaired. The real surprise… well maybe not so much of a surprise as I had imagined something like what we found. And, that was a big dance floor in the whole back three quarters of the space. It may have been a dance studio or maybe a private dance hall or club. It might be fun to do a little research and find out what exactly was up there back when. What a great space that could be for the right person or group to restore and put in a youth/teen center, meeting hall, or something. That would be kind of cool actually, a youth center right above the senior center. But, whatever would or could be done with the place it would take $ to make it happen. While there I discussed with Artie the idea of having the young Selena Rose, who performed so well at Martha Flores' opening at the PAC on First Friday, perform for the upcoming opening on Second Saturday of June for Scott Allen. She liked the idea and asked that I inquire as to her availability. And, so I will.

Meanwhile, my own efforts, at getting my ‘Save the Earth’ recycled materials art project done is progressing… if only in my mind. The piece is 80% finished. The thing I am needing to do is cut some metal and break some glass and add these bits to the sky for sun and or moon and stars. It is a work in progress. And so, on it goes till another day for the arts in the valley.