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Art From Nature, Getty Images, Video at the Museum and Making the Rounds on First Friday

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Well, yesterday was quite the busy day for art in the valley. Here at home for me the day started with putting together a little movie of the 5th! grade kids at the park making art from natural found objects at the river followed by a very special experience for them... that, being tutored in the bronze sculpture making process by none other than the phenomenal sculptor Kevin Patel. What a treat that was for the kids and for me to get to video. The video shot was for in house purposes only for the museum and the kid’s class room; so no youtube link on this one. ! Having made the video and written a blog for the Rod and Martha’s Art Blog, I headed out to the museum to deliver the video by thumb drive. It was way too big to deliver by email attachment. While there I interrupted Bill and Dennis while they were putting up the display about the art project with the kids that Bill, dedicated public servant that he is, had been working on until 1am Friday morning. What a guy! Bill you really do need to take time for that fishing trip we discussed… but, I digress.

After uploading the video to Bill’s computer and taking a few pics of the installation there, I headed over to Lemolo’s Café to put up the name/price cards for the photo art I installed Thursday at the restaurant -only after Zeb, the owner called to remind me by the way. OOPS! The place was packed and I had to make room for more diners as they came in. But, I gott’r done and it was a pleasure answering the questions from Zeb’s patrons who were interested in how I created some of my abstract images and where I took the nature shots that they liked and how many shots I must take to get the ones that are printed etc…

After Lemolo’s it was off to Terry Signs to work on my clay bowl and start firing it. While there I spoke with Artie Bowman by phone. Artie is on the board of Two Rivers Gallery and Director of the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center Gallery in Cashmere. She informed me that after her latest surgery she wouldn’t make it to First Friday at Two Rivers in the evening, but would be up and around in time for the Saturday (tonight) Second Saturday opening and reception at CAAC for Yuri Konchev. Get well Artie, and yes I’ll be at Second Saturday Tonight.

Then it was off to make the rounds for First Friday. First on my list… the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Downstairs they had a unique exhibit of hundred year old sewing items… actually quite interesting… a real time machine behind glass. Then upstairs to view the completed display for the Inspired by Nature exhibit that Bill and Dennis had been working on earlier. Great job and great photos there by Kathrin Stevens. There I bumped into Dominick Bonney the blogger and had a good long chat with him and we compared cameras etc…

At the exhibit the video I made of the kids Art Day was playing on a lap top that unfortunately didn’t have the memory and processing speed to show it well. Pete Lind, who repairs computers, was there and related that he had worked on that computer “years ago”. Bill, it’s time for a new computer.

After the Museum, I headed over to Lemolos to take a pic or two of the show and then to the Step Above Gallery. There I met Jim Rogers of the Empire Press we chatted a bit about newspaper writing, blogging and my old ‘Dear Rod’ column which used to run in the Chelan Mirror almost twenty years ago. While there he strongly suggested I send some material in to the Good Life Magazine and then introduced me to thefeatured artist Jim Coley.

Jim was a very interesting guy to talk with as was his wife Tricia. If, Martha Flores had been in town (she’s away at a training for’ Love and Logic’) she would have loved to meet Jim and Tricia. Jim’s photos were taken over a period of several years in Michoacán, Mexico and show a good representation of the life of everyday people there.

My attention was grabbed first thing by his photo of a fellow with his machete’ as I have taken a photo of a similar fellow in El Salvador walking with machete’ looking for work. Jim and Tricia were kind enough to pose for a photo. I told them about the shows at Two Rivers and at CAAC and they really want to see both. I really hope to see them again. Perhaps tonight at CAAC in Cashmere. Then it was off to Two Rivers Gallery to enjoy the art, the company and some well deserved refreshments and hors d’ oeuvres . There I had a good chat with Jan Theriault the president of the board of Two Rivers. I told him about my recent visit to the J. Paul Getty Museum and the great watercolorists represented there. Jan being a watercolorist was interested in the detailed water color work that I described and was interested to know the names of the various artists whose work was on display there.

I could only think of one at the moment, that being William Blake. The others that I was really taken with at the time were Thomas Girten – especially his ‘Durham Cathedral and Castle’, Richard Parks Bonnington, Edward Lear, and Joseph Mallord Wiliam Turner all of whom were part of the Luminous Paper: British Watercolors and Drawings exhibit which is there until October 23rd. For more on these artists and the exhibit go to:

While there too, I met up with Rosanne Lind one of the teachers of the 5th graders of which I made the video. She expressed an interest in being able to show the video to the kids in school. I just happened to have the thumb drive in my pocket still and she had one in her purse and so with the magic of modern technology we used the gallery computer to get that video to her so she can show the kids in school Monday morning… viola! I wish Milo Mirrabelli had been there. I so love his wooden sculptures, but sadly he too was too ill to be there last night. Get Wells to both Milo and Artie and blessings and fond memories to Skip who was a member of the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center and who passed this week. Skip, you were a treasure and will be missed.

Enough for now, and see you all at the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center tonight.