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Art at Pybus, the Brothers Seim and Digital Drawing

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Well, it’s been an interesting week for art projects, events, research and development this week and coming up soon in the valley and beyond.

This Monday, after my normal routine of taking photos and video at the Pybus Building - the first video of the Pybus project “The Pybus Project Begins” is available on Youtube at: &feature=plcp , I attended a meeting of local artists at the Pybus building. The meeting which was coordinated by Lee-Annette Fortier and facilitated by Steve Robinson, the Executive Director of the Pybus Market Foundation, was to explore possible means by which to include an arts/crafts component to the plans for the market. Several artists and art advocates, some of whom I was familiar and some who were new to me sat down for 90 minutes or so to put their heads together to try to come up with a workable plan or at least the beginnings of a plan. Notable muralist, plein-air painter and art teacher Jan Cook-Mack was there along with one of her more advanced student. Karen Dean formerly with Gallery 4south was there. Kasey Koskey artist and former board member of Two Rivers Gallery was there as was stained glass artist and current Two Rivers Gallery member Harold Jones and a Laser tech engraver/ sculptor was there as well (more on that later). A number of ideas were discussed, but what was clear was that a simple ‘rent a space’ at the market approach with the state of art sales in the current economy was not likely to fly.

What seemed most likely would be some sort of coordinated art showing throughout the market venues with a central register to close sales of any art from any venue. The staffing of same is still to be determined. Nothing is set in stone at this point so; it is still a wait and see proposition. I’ll keep readers here informed and up to date on that as the plan develops…or not. As to that laser engraver/sculptor… an artist named Carol Van Aman who sells her work at the open air Farmers Market in Wenatchee at least twice a month was there and when I heard her say that she uses a $10,000 laser machine to do the work that she does, I had to know more about that. So; I introduced myself after the meeting a got her card. I can’t wait to visit her at her studio and see what she does first hand. A Laser machine… how cool is that. Meanwhile, my research for a historical video using old photos of the Pybus building and its predecessor black smith business continues on.

Later in the week, Wednesday to be exact, I finally got to visit with Gavin Seim and his brother Nathan. Gavin as I have written before is a phenomenal photo/artist he says ‘pictorialist’ and that is what he is as his works are not just your average Joes photos and are truly meant to be printed large and hung on a wall dedicated to that piece. To that end he has a huge... I’d say 72” printer (I could be wrong on the size, but that’s how big it looked to me) to print his own work. Even his unframed pieces are at least 24”. Imagehis work there… talk

I mentioned his brother Nathan as the two really are a team. Together they write both fiction and non-fiction, publish videos on photography and recently traveled around the country taking video to serve as the promo for their latest photo / art DVD. I got to see the video trailer while I was there, and I liked it. While there, I learned enough to know that I just don’t know enough about photography and should get one of his DVD’s and learn from the best. I was really intrigued to learn about how he does some of his canvas prints. Rather than sending a digital image to a canvas giclee printer who will use an inkjet printer to put an image on canvas, he instead starts by printing his own photo which he then sends to a printer. The printer he sends it to then de-laminates the photo taking the paper off of the back, then re-laminates it onto a quality canvas which is then given several layers of lacquer. In the end, the final product is beautiful and durable and doesn’t need glass which is great for displaying without glare.

He also, shared with me how he uses a large film camera for some photos that he then converts to digital by use of a very high end scanner to scan the large negatives. This he does as a film photo, he informed me, is the equivalent of a 200 megapixel digital image. A 200 megapixel camera doesn’t exist by the way. To date the highest megapixel camera I have seen advertised was maybe 20 or 30 mp and was way out of the price range of anyone I know. He showed me a black and white photo he had taken, converted and then printed using this process. The detail in every portion of the photo down to the detail in the roof shingles was remarkable.

While there, I took a few photos of Gavin and his work… taking photos of a great photographer in his studio with !about pressure.

After, visiting with Gavin and saying goodbye to he and his brother, I headed on down the road to the 3rd Wednesday presentation of the Soap lake Art Guild. There I visited briefly with Rose Lundberg before the presentation started and she gave me the updates on how the door painting project is going. Several of the artists have taken their work home as Martha Flores and I did so as to be able to work on these at their convenience in their own studios. The issue going forward is going to be getting the design for how to display these pieces and the funding for same. Hopefully a local benefactor will step-up and carry that very worthwhile art/historical project to completion. While there I took a final photo of my contribution to this project.

About that time the presentation was starting and we sat down to hear Alicia Nutt, daughter of famed landscape artist Don Nutt, give her presentation about her digital painting/drawings. I had briefly thought about getting a digital graphic drawing tablet a couple of years ago. After, seeing one up close and personal and listening to Alicia describe how she uses one and how she developed her skill at using one… I dunno. I might still like to get one with the intent of using one to play with photos I have taken to create something altogether different from the original photo, but from scratch painting on one… I’m not sure I have the patience and desire to sit in front of the computer that long. Writing these blogs is about as much time as I can devote to sitting in front of a screen at any one time and I already know how to write… I know somewhere out there, there is someone saying out loud “so; you think you can write huh.”

Alicia’s talent, skill and determination are evident in her work. She described her early work as cartoon like, which she admits was inspired by growing up with Disney films… you know the “old classics like The Lion king”. Everyone in the room older than her, which was pretty much everybody there had to chuckle at that as we all thought of the “The Lion King” as one of Disney’s newer movies. Over time as she has developed as an artist her work has become increasingly realistic. In all her interest in animals was evident and the airbrush like effect of some of the pieces she brought was soft and subtle while some were much more detailed.

I was glad I got to hear Alicia’s presentation, and would have liked to have stayed for the second presentation and visit more with the Lundberg’s, Don and Alicia Nutt and Roxa Kreeimeyer from Quincy, but I had ridden my motorcycle and wanted to get back before it got too late. And, I was glad I did as the smoke in the sky from Ellensburg way was creating some gorgeous sunsets and having just met earlier with Gavin Seim, I was inspired to stop and take a few pics here and there. While taking my photos, I couldn’t help but think, “I should have taken notes and paid better attention to Gavin’s explanation on the planning of a photo and the use of light zones”. Well, one does the best one can. Maybe I’ll get that DVD yet.

Well, enough for now, and have a very artful day.