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This is the End for 4South and the Museum but Art as with Life Goes On

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Well, Friday was a real mixed bag of experiences and emotions for a First Friday. I knew I would be working a bit late and so wanted to get to some of the First Friday venues during the day as I would only have time later to get to Two Rivers Gallery.

My first stop was to The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center where Bill Rietvelt and Denny Driver and the other dedicated folks there were putting the finishing touches on the new History of Baseball in Wenatchee exhibit. It is a truly great exhibit that anyone who loves this town and its history will love this exhibit. There was lots of memorabilia and information about the old Wenatchee Chiefs, the years of both Baseball and softball teams, ball players from Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee High School and more. Over all it’s a really well done exhibit. It’s a bit sad to think that it could be the last new exhibit there for many years to come as the museum staff is being cut from its current five employees to just one person. Well, if it’s the last new exhibit for ten years it’s a good one to go out on and should look good for years to come. But, I suppose the years of changing exhibits and lots of interesting and entertaining performances in various cultural events is probably a thing of the past. I’m glad I got video of the Middle Eastern Dancers (a local group)&list=UUNvpiC1XcVKVH-EiXJCMCsA&index=6&feature=plcp the Sanshen musician from Japan &list=UUNvpiC1XcVKVH-EiXJCMCsA&index=7&feature=plcpand the photos of the Folkloric Dancers from Mexico and the High School Art Competition this last year.

Before leaving the museum I spotted Chris Rader giving one of the last tours of the museum for a group of visiting seniors who were fascinated with the displays on the prehistoric finds that have added to our knowledge of the plant, animal and human life that was present in the area thousands of years ago.

I also, made a point of getting some photos of the Pangborn exhibit and the dog and cat inspired art in the upper gallery as well as the David Thompson display downstairs. These are some classic displays that are educational and informative, creative and well worth seeing.

After leaving the Museum, I headed on over to Gallery 4 South. On my way I couldn’t help but notice the new Shaman Bronze Sculpture on the Avenue. I like it. I like it a lot. Then, on into the gallery I did go. This was another of those mixed feeling stops, as this was to be the last First Friday Show for Charlene as she just can’t go forward due to slow sales and the expenses that just keep on coming. As I took a long last look at her displays. She really did a great job when it came to presentation. The sales just weren’t enough. I asked Charlene if it were possible to open up at least on First Fridays as she will be using the space as her studio as long as she is on the lease. But, alas the insurance is just too much to make that work. So much talent, so much expertise in making a wonderful looking gallery, it’s too bad it can’t continue on in some fashion.

After leaving 4South, I stopped by Café’ Mela to see what art they had on display there. I liked the photography on mirrored glass which creates an interesting visual juxtaposition of figure and ground for me.

On my out of Café Mela I realized that I had never really paid much attention to the mural just next door… it’s kinda fun. Then back to work for me and only over to Two Rivers later in the evening.

Upon arriving there after 6pm, I found the usual assortment of lovely individuals, couples out on date night, art lovers, and all around characters that we all love and enjoy at First Friday ala Two Rivers Gallery. Sandra Dean, Denise Marker and Artie Bowman were busy at the front desk making sales and chatting it up with customers. Jan Theriault was milling about taking photos of me taking photos and about that time Terry Johnson showed up to take over the wine serving duties from Jon and Sharon Browder who are always fun to visit with. Sharon was a bit surprised to learn that the video of her singing show tunes I made a few months ago is not only still up but continues to be watched by new viewers. The art was good with a few changes from last month. I was surprised myself at how many people were asking me so many questions and expressing so much interest in my ‘String Theory’ abstract photo as well as my ‘Minds Eye’ abstract photo and the two photos of a tropical garden in Key west. I don’t recall getting that much attention for my art previously. Who knows maybe someone will come back during the month and take one of those pieces home with them. It could happen.

Well, so in the end life goes on and art goes on in the valley. But, I for one will miss the added variety and joy of having more galleries in town and the ongoing and ever changing art and cultural displays and performances at the museum. I have such feeling of loss for the Museum and the City of Wenatchee over the TTC debacle I created this cartoon about it and submitted it to the Safety Valve… so far I haven’t heard that they will publish it.

Oh well, as they say…