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A Night At the Museum, Dino Bird Beak and More

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Well, it’s been another fine week for art in the valley and beyond.

On Tuesday, Martha Flores finished up her ‘I am the Earth’ project out at the Osborn Elementary school in Leavenworth.

I couldn’t accompany her due to projects here in town, so it was on her to visit the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center in ‘beautiful downtown Burbank’... just kidding downtown Cashmere of course. There Martha saw the large wrap around photo prints of Jeffe Lane. These impressive photos were taken in Romania and other European sites. I’ll have to get by there soon and get some photos of this show.

Then with still a bit more time before her class at the school in Leavenworth, she was able to stop in and visit Sherri Hosieni at the Pelican Gallery.

We’ve been meaning to get into her gallery for some time and Martha was not disappointed. I only wish I could have been there that day. Sherri’s husband Koross takes wonderful photos and Martha even picked up a couple of small prints while she was there.

Though, I have been very busy this week with work projects that have kept me mostly from finishing my steel eagle, I was able to publish photos taken on a diving trip I took on the coast over the weekend and a short video&list=UUNvpiC1XcVKVH-EiXJCMCsA&index=1&feature=plcp of Sea Lions jumping off a small rock island in the San Juan’s. Everyone who has seen the pics from the weekend and the video have commented on how much they enjoyed these. That’s always nice to hear.

I also, was able to research a picture that someone sent to me online of a supposed rare endangered Chinese ‘Rainbow Owl’. It looked a bit phony to me, and my research confirmed that as I even found the original undoctored photo of the North American Barn Owl that was used to make the digitally altered ‘Rainbow Owl’.

But, the big event of the week was the "After Hours" Affiliate Showcase at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center last night.

And, so, yesterday afternoon Martha and I loaded up the car with one of the tropical birds that will adorn the ‘Paradise of Birds and Flowers’ float by the Embracing Cultures Affiliate of the Museum in this year’s Apple Blossom Parade. I quickly printed up some 8.5x11’s of the other completed birds and my Steel Eagle which is still under construction to display on a poster at our table and off we went. Once there we got set up with the assistance of Bill Rietvelt who had just the right stuff to display our sign made by Terry Johnson for us.

Then we got a chance to visit with some of the other affiliates groups that were represented at this great mixer. The professional photographer John Marshall and Selena Denko of the museum were at the Wenatchee Art Education Consortium through which Martha has been doing art projects at schools here in Wenatchee of late. The Fiesta Mexicana group was right next to our table and they had a nice video presentation going on a laptop. Norma Gallegos and the other ladies at the ‘Dancing with Birds’ table, which was a joint endeavor of a number of groups endeavoring to bring Latinos together with science, were very proud of their project. They had some nice artwork by Heather A. Wallis Murphy on their poster. I only wish I could have gotten video of the performance they did later in the evening.

Two rivers Gallery was represented by several members and they were having a good time meeting and greeting as many of the two hundred or more guests at the event as they could. And, their Troll Under the Bridge display attracted quite a bit of attention and even a few donations. Good going Russ.

While visiting with Denise Marker, Jan Theriault and Howard Jones, I spotted an old friend, Scott Parson of Artisan Bakery, who as it turned out had donated the European style bread available at the hors d' oeuvres table.

So, I made a point of introducing him to Jan and the other board members of Two Rivers Gallery and it looks like we may be featuring his fine artisan breads at our First Friday events in the future. Hee ha!

Having introduced them, I continued on and checked out the display for the Photography Association of Wenatchee.Which, as it turned out was right by the Jones of Washington table where Allan Williams the owner was serving wine and beer. That was very nice.

As I continued making the rounds I met up with Pauline Sweeney the Secretary of the Museum and made arrangements to meet her in the morning so she could make a name tag for me to go to the City Yard and get the battery from the float vehicle. This so that I can charge it up in order to see if the engine will start. And, to top it all off The Apollo Club sang a capella to close this Night at the Museum.

Then bright and early this morning, following up on the plan with Pauline, I headed on over to the museum, to get the name tag and went over to the City Yard. Along the way I spied the dinosaur sculpture that has arisen at the south end of town, and, as I had my camera with me, I stopped and took a few pictures. This metal dino is pretty impressive and I could see from the tale that inside they used some similar materials as I have used in my steel eagle. The beak, if that’s what you would call it on a triceratops dinosaur, actually does look a bit like the beak of my eagle… hmm… They do say that birds are the closest living descendants the dinosaurs.

Once in the trailer of the float it was like déjà vu all over again inside the cock pit, as I had been in it before.On my way back, I couldn't help but snap a quick pic of the Lincoln mural on the electrical box near Lincoln Park.

And,now as I write the battery is charging and will soon be ready to take back to the float vehicle and see if that engine starts.

Wish me luck. Now it’s time to open the gallery, so… by for now. And, remember, be creative and have a very artful day.