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An Art Day in The Life at Bird Fest 2012

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Well, Friday was a great day for art, birds and bird art in Leavenworth. From Noon till 5pm Martha Flores was scheduled to volunteer at the Bird Fest Art Show at the studio of Reed Carlson in Leavenworth, so I planned to get a bike ride in while she did the gallery sitting and then we would attend the opening reception for the High School and Middle School kids Recycled Art Show at the Icicle Arts Gallery from 5-7pm.

As it turned out Reed who was opening the gallery for Martha, was out of the brochures for the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest, so I was recruited to head on over to the Barn Beach Reserve to pick up a few more. So, on to the ‘Beach Barn’ as Martha is so inclined to call it (that Spanish thing you know about reversing the order of words).

At the Icicle Arts Gallery, Brian Miller was busily judging the artwork of the kids in the Recycle Art Show. So, I took a bit of time to photograph the art and found one piece that I really could have made use of as I had forgotten my bike helmet. There were a lot of truly unique pieces there including a ‘Time Machine’ and a piece that reminded me of my early childhood watching Beanie and Cecil on TV.

As it happened the Museum and Gallery there were also out of the brochures, so I was directed to go to the ‘Red House’ which I had never been to before and which houses the Bird Fest headquarters. On my way there I had to stop and take pictures of the Bird Show being put on for kids right outside the front door of the Museum/Gallery.

As it happened the demonstration at that moment was of a Golden Eagle… a truly magnificent bird. I got as many pics in as I could while the demonstrator explained to the kids the difference between the leg feathers of a Golden vs. a Bald Eagle. Then, down the trail and over the hill and down the glen (ok there was no glen…whatever that is anyway) and to the Red House.

Along the way, I met Jeff Parsons, who is the Executive Director, of the Wenatchee River Institute which is headquartered in the ‘Red House’ as it is so affectionately referred to by all parties I met. I let him know what I was after and he gladly took in to the Red House which really is red. There I met a really great guy and fine artist Ed Newbold, who as it turned out, had just finished teaching an art class with local High School kids in which they all painted pictures of, what else, birds. I was graciously allowed to take some photos of the art made by the students and was quite impressed with their work.

I asked if Ed, whose work is also on display at Reed Carlson's studio, had a handout or other written info on himself for this blog and he, not having anything handy just then, offered to go get something if I could wait a minute. “Sure, no problem there”. Meanwhile Jeff had determined that we would have to go to the gazebo in the park on Front Street to get those brochures. About that time, Ed turns up with not just a flyer or hand out but a beautiful print of one of his original nature paintings for me to keep with an info card on the back with his art story which was good reading in itself, which included his philosophy of art and nature. Thanks, so much Ed. You are a really generous guy. Ed’s story deserves a blog article unto itself and perhaps a visit to his place in the Pikes Place Market in Seattle.

Having been gifted this nice piece; I was off to the gazebo with Jeff. As we passed by the museum and gallery building I could see that the bird show guy had brought out a Bald Eagle for the kids to see. I had to stop, of course, and get some photos of the demonstration. And, I was not disappointed as the Eagle decided to really flex its muscles giving me the chance to get some action shots. Right about this time, I was having such a fine time, it really didn’t matter how long it took to get those brochures. But, on we did continue by way of the back trail to downtown, that I had known about till then.

And, toward that trail we passed by the Barn of the Barn Beach Reserve and there, we came across my good friends Joe and Merry (yes M e r r y) Roy who were demonstrating Birding techniques to yet another lucky group of kids. What a great day this was turning out to be meeting new people, watching and photographing large birds and bumping into old friends and the day was just getting started.

Finally Jeff and I did make it to the gazebo, but not before snapping a few pics of the beautiful mountain view as seen through the trees along the way. Once at the gazebo I finally got those pesky (not really) brochures and eventually got them back to Reeds Studio where Martha, as it turned out, was having a fine time showing off the art to all comers. And, come they did and continued to throughout the day.

I did finally get to that bike ride and had great time riding around Leavenworth (I know I’m going to hear from some of my bike riding friends out there about riding without a helmet… but, I just couldn’t resist). It was a fine ride, but I did get a flat toward the end.

Once back at the studio, I took a few more photos of the art there and was happy to visit with Amber Zimmerman who came by… looks like I might get a chance to interview her at Zimmerman’s family studio yet, and with Heather Murphy who designed the artwork for this year’s brochure that I had so happily gone get to copies of. I really like her art in the gallery as well as the works by Claudia Elliot and Pattie Erikson and Teara Dillon. Really, I enjoyed the work by all the artists represented there… not the least of which being the colorful and exotic oils by Martha Flores.

Well, as the day rolled on it finally got to be time to get on over to the Icicle Arts Gallery, take a load off of our collective feet and enjoy the recycled art of the kids there and enjoy some really good company as well.

And that is just as good a place as any to end this story (I did make another art stop during the day, sorry sherrie but those pics, I will save mostly for another blog)and to look forward to another fine week of art and art projects ahead… anyone got a horse trailer or other similar trailer I could use to transport my giant eagle to Leavenworth for the adult Recycled Art Show? I’m pretty concerned about the impact the wind will have on it if I try to take there in the back of my pick-up. Well, enough for now. And, have a very artful day.