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Minds Eye, Pybus and Gateway VIP Lounge Art Photos and Remembering on Memorial Day

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Well, Thursday last offered an opportune bit of rest and relaxation away from a busy schedule of clients and home projects. For a few hours in the middle of the day I did my volunteer stint as a docent at the Two Rivers Gallery where I enjoyed yet another chance to meander about the art and of course take a few pictures. I can never get enough of the work of William Reese and was particularly taken with his bronze jockey and horse sculpture and relished in finding new angles from which to enjoy this wonderful piece. I found other fine pieces to really take a long look at like the tall pottery piece by Terry Johnson with the Asian design on it... love that glazing.

The large photo titled ‘Minds Eye’ takes me into my mind’s eye every time I look at it. But, I was there to work and work I did making arrangements for the second graders of St. Joseph’s Elementary School to come by for a visit early in June and handling docent scheduling issues with Denise Marker for the upcoming month. But doing these sorts of business activities is always more enjoyable with a nice bit of art scrolling across the computer screen from the Art News Network. Thank you, Martha Flores for these lovely images on ANN. I never get tired of viewing them.

After handling a number of TRG business issues I was back at my photography. This time I was enjoying the intricate glass works by Harold Jones and finding new ways to view the outside world through these unique stained glass works of art.

Having done my volunteering at the gallery, I was able to get to what was for me a top priority of the day. That being to head on over to the Pybus building to get some photos of the interior of the building before it is forever changed to become the home of the Farmers Market and other yet to be determined commercial enterprises. Some may recall that several weeks back I took a few photos of the exterior of the building for historical purposes and as the beginning of what will be an ongoing documentation of the transformation of this historic building. Once at Pybus, I met briefly with Mike Walker who has taken on the task of spearheading the project and even kicked in a couple million dollars of his own money to make it happen… no Town Toyota Center fiasco in the making here. Mike being the successful business genius that he is will make this project work and be successful… of that I am sure.

With camera in hand, I took quite a few interior shots of the place. Some shots are of a purely historical nature and some artful representations of Industrial Design and Engineering as seen through the creative use of the lens. There I found a stairway to noware. . I also, found a room with a view.

I took way too many photos to show them all here, but as I accumulate photos at each stage along the way of the rebirth of the Pybus Building as the Pybus Market, I will have enough shots to put together a montage and to make a video of the process. The next step along this journey will be to get photos and video of the new roof going on sometime soon. Stay tuned as they say for more on this.

On my way home from the Pybus building I made yet another stop. This time to the NUART Gallery in the East Wenatchee Mall to see the new raming of some of Martha Flores’ artworks which are fon display in the front window through the end of May. Since then it has been one project after another. But, the time was finally available yesterday to get on over to see the artwork of Tom Roche in the VIP Lounge at the Gateway Cinema. As some readers may recall some time back I met Tom over at Two Rivers Gallery and learned from him about his paintings and metal work in the lounge there. Once at Gateway the assistant manager Melissa Dwyer was more than happy to give us access to the lounge, though it would not be open till after 4pm, in order to get some photos of Tom’s art. The lounge idea is pretty cool really… a private lounge which serves beer, wine and food and connects to two screening rooms. Wow, what a concept! If Hunger Games had been showing in one of these two screening rooms we would have come back later to watch it in the evening rather than catching the matinee’. Well, enough for now as it’s time to get ready for barbequing and entertaining but not before taking a few moments to remember my dad and others on this Memorial Day.