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Trolls, Roles and Dine With Mend

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Well, it’s been a fun, creative and varied week for the arts in the valley and beyond.

Tuesday, I had a very fortuitous meeting with a young internet marketing couple Mike and Jackie Endsley. I had apparently got my info mixed up and was under the impression that our local Wenatchee First Fridays group was having a second meeting at Café Mela. But, upon arriving I found that the one member, Karen Dean, of that group who was just leaving to head to a presentation at the Regional Library on effective Facebook marketing… so I went there too. After taking several pages of notes and asking what I thought were worth while questions I waylaid the couple after the meeting and am now planning to get together with them after Thanksgiving. I’m hoping that will turn out to be a strong move going forward. The effective use of social media for the arts is something we all need to get up to speed on it seems.

One of the things I have done already based on what I learned from that meeting was to open an Instagram account. That is supposed to be a way to access a younger audience. I may need some consulting on the best use of that as well.

This Thursday, I had, along with Martha Flores, the opportunity to interview Alicia McKee the new Director of the Icicle Arts Gallery in Leavenworth. We were planning to head to Leavenworth that day so as to support Upper Valley Mend which in turn supports the local food banks there. Two local restaurants, Café Verona and Pavz Café Bistro, had committed to provide all proceeds from the day to the cause. The event was called Dine With Mend. We ended up eating at Café Verona and it was well worth it both for the meal and helping the needy.

After eating we visited with Sherri at Pelican Gallery (to read more on this go to: ) before heading over to Icicle Arts to meet the new Director. Alicia was, at the moment that we arrived, putting the finishing touches on a revised Mission Statement for the Gallery. She was more than willing to stop everything and spend some time with us. Thank you Alicia.

It was great to hear her story as to how she ended up in Leavenworth having come many years ago from Ojai, CA. Not that far I added from Solvang which according to some historians was the inspiration for the Bavarianization of Leavenworth oh so many years ago. She’s now been here for at least a dozen years and has no plans to go anywhere else… why after all would anyone want to leave such a lovely place. She was eager to hear about our participation in the gallery over the past couple of years including Martha’s show there in January and February of this year and the “Earth is Me” class she taought at the elementary school in town. She was surprised/interested to realize that Martha is THE Martha Flores who is known as the ‘Dancing Artist’. Apparently she had seen the flier for the upcoming show to be held at the NUART Gallery in the East Wenatchee Mall this coming Saturday. We told her about the video from last year’s show there and she was interested to see it at: .

Some of the goals she has for the gallery were discussed which will include more outreach to the community, expanding the support base to the gallery, and of course continuing the ongoing goal of finding the best artists to show at the gallery. When she showed us the current show by Vicki DeRooy, which we really liked, we asked if the floors will ever be redone. It seemed the state of the floors had jumped out at her too when she first visited the gallery… let’s hope that gets done as it really effects how the art shows.

Later that same day, I attended the Two Rivers Gallery monthly board meeting. There, artist Dale Sanford presented his plasticine clay scale model of a Troll for the “Troll Under The Bridge” project. The troll when built is to occupy a space under the Walking/Biking Bridge leading to the Apple Capital Loop Trail. It would rest against a concrete support at the bottom of 1st Street in Wenatchee visible from the side window of Two Rivers Gallery between the Exchange Building on the north and Arlberg Sports and the Saddle Rock Pub on the south.

The Board was very appreciative of Dales work thus far and only had a few suggestions about making the figure a little less scary looking as children will want to have their picture taken on and or near the final product. Dale is consulting with art instructor Bryan Miller at Wenatchee Valley Community College & will be building in the coming months a 1/2 scale model there with cement and the other materials that will go into a final version. It was presented that renowned Sculptor Kevin Patel may be consulted as well and Jan Theriault indicated that the builders of the Troll in the Freemont District of Seattle may be willing to share some of their expertise with this kind of project and the problems and issues that they have confronted with the building and maintenance of their troll.

When completed the sculpture will be roughly 6'x8' & when it is placed against the footing of the bridge. The City Planning Dept. will have final say on approving the project as it will be on city property. But, thus far according to Russ Helper the city has approved the preliminary proposal of the project, so it’s looking good at this point. Two Rivers Gallery will be looking for help from volunteers and a grant to proceed with the final construction by next summer.

On Friday, in the evening before attending the opening of Lincoln at the Liberty Theater, we stopped in and visited at the Tumbleweed Gallery. We took note of the variety of jewelry and craft works there and the pottery of Karen Dean. As I studied the work area where the owners create some of the items sold there, I started thinking of making a video of the craftspeople making their wares there one of these days. I think that could be a fun video.

As to the Lincoln movie, it was a strange experience in that about fifteen minutes into the film suddenly the picture was upside down and the audio was like what you would hear if you were playing one of your old LP’s backwards. The show finally stopped and we were all told that it would take over two hours to fix the problem, so we were all given passes for another day. I say it was strange and so did the manager who said that in fourteen years there she had never seen that happen. Knowing what I know about film, it seems doubly strange, as for this to happen someone would have cut the film at that fifteen minute point rewind the rest of the film upside down then splice the two piece together with the first fifteen minutes upside right. I think the theater ought to look into this. We did go back the following day and the film was great. I see at least five or six Oscars in its future.

This coming weekend is of course Thanksgiving weekend and I wish to remind all readers that on Saturday, Small Business Saturday, David V35 (Vasquez) and Martha Flores will be live and in person at the NUART Gallery in the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee. Martha will reprise her role as the ‘Dancing Artist’ as she paints while dancing or is it dances while painting. Anyone who saw her there last Thanksgiving weekend will know just how fun it will be and what a great break to take from shopping-till-dropping it will be to watch her at work or as she would say “play”. The free food and refreshments won’t hurt either in the middle of a long day at the mall.

Well, enough for now and be sure to have a very artful week.