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Wenatchee 6, Victoria 2 last night  


Victoria at Wenatchee 7:05 tonight.  


North Division.  Three-Team Sprint  

Wenatchee and Walla Walla are tied for first and Bellingham is two-and-half back in third.  The Sweets beat Kelowna 6-0 last night.  Bellingham had a nonleague 3-0 win over the San Francisco Seals.

Wenatchee’s and Walla Walla’s magic number to eliminate Bellingham is three...any combination of three AppleSox wins and or three Bell loses, or any combination of three Sweet wins or three Bell loses.  


South Division.  Knights About There.

Corvallis. The Knights beat Bend last night 6-3 to take a three-game lead over the Elks. Corvallis’ magic number is two...any combination of two Knight wins or two Elk loses.

Medford.  First is out.  Could tie for second if they win their final two games (Kitsap) and Bend loses its final four (Corvallis 1, Walla Walla 3).   

Klamath Falls.  First is out.  Could tie for second if they win their final five games (Cowlitz 2, Corvallis 3) and Bend loses its final four (Corvallis 1, Walla Walla 3).  


Tie-Breakers Explained...Kinda

Here is what the league says, “In the event of ties, the first tie-breaker shall be head to head competition.  The next tie-breaker is record vs. highest finishing WCL club besides the teams tied.  Next tie-breaker is record vs. second highest finishing WCL club besides the teams tied.”  

This leaves some tricky scenarios.   The initial head-to-head part is easy to understand.  But, let’s say Wenatchee and Walla Walla finish their regular schedules Sunday, one first and the other a game back in second.  Both advance to the playoffs.  A game between the two August 1 here was rained out, and scheduled to be played the 12th, if necessary.  Ok, it’s played.  If the team that came into the game in first place wins, all it settled.  If the other team wins there is a tie for first.  If the other team is Wenatchee the tie is settled because they won the series 4-2.  If the other team is Walla Walla and they win, head-to-head would be 3-3 and finalizes nothing.   

Now we go to the “record vs. highest finishing WCL club.”  At the moment that is Corvallis.  Wenatchee is 2-4 vs. the Knights and Walla Walla is 0-3.  Advantage AppleSox.  But, maybe someone would argue that Wenatchee and Walla Walla didn’t play Corvallis an equal number of games and that’s not fair.  If that was officially decided then it’s off to the next highest finishing WCL club.  At the moment that is Bend.  Oops, same problem...Wenatchee plays Bend three times and Walla Walla six times. 

And on we go.    And it gets ugly for the local nine now.  At the moment the team with the next highest finish is Medford, and finally there is an opponent Wenatchee and Walla Walla each played six times.  Advantage Sweets, 5-1 vs. the Rogues while the Sox are 3-3.  If Bellingham should finish higher than Medford, again advantage Sweets, 4-2 vs. the Bells while the Sox are 1-5.  There, wasn’t that simple.   Coyote will be conducting a quiz this evening to test playoff possibility info retention.  

In all its wisdom there are a couple of things that are not specifically covered in the league rule cited above.  The first I’ve mentioned, about whether or not it matters if the tied teams have played an unequal number of games against the highest finishing team.  For instance, what if Cowlitz was the highest finishing team.  Wenatchee didn’t even play them this season.  The second is the wording “highest finishing club.”  It doesn’t say the team with the best record.   For example.  Some season two teams tie for a divisional title and both have identical records against the first and second place teams in the other division.  So now the rule states the process moves on to the next highest finishing club.  Well, there are two of them...the third place finishers in each division, and in our example the tied teams have different records against these two. What now?  The tie-breaking rule needs to be rewritten to clearly state what happens in both of these situations.  

Wenatchee gets gonged in any tie with the Bells as the latter holds the series lead at 5-1.    


Aaron Brooks an NWL All-Star

Former Wenatchee pitcher Aaron Brooks is playing for the Everett AquaSox and participated in the Northwest League All-Star game last night at Everett Memorial Stadium.  The 2011 AppleSox was a member of the North squad who lost to the South 8-7.  This season Brooks has pitched in 14 games, has a 1-1 record and three saves.  His ERA is 4.50.  He has 22 strikeouts in 20 innings.  


Two 2B Records

Two nights ago the AppleSox broke their own team and league records for doubles in a season.  The old mark was 93 and they tied it when Brock Slavin poked a two-bagger, and then two hitters later in the same inning set a new standard with Andre Real’s two-base hit.  


August 7 Games

Another winning date for Wenatchee.  They are 6-2 overall, 5-2 in league games and 4-1 at home.  They have a one-game winning streak and have taken five of the last six.    



North: WENATCHEE 27-22, Walla Walla 27-22, Bellingham 25-25, Victoria 20-29,  Kelowna 17-33

South: Corvallis 33-17, Bend 30-20, Medford 28-24, Klamath Falls 25-24, Cowlitz 24-25, Kitsap 17-32