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AppleSox drop third straight

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Bellingham 6, Wenatchee 2 last night.  


Bellingham at Wenatchee 7:05 tonight.  


This is the fourth straight loss to Bellingham...the Bells swept a series in B’ham in early June.  This is only the second time the Sox have lost that many consecutive games to the Whatcom County squad.  The Bells won four in a row in 2000.   


Could Be Important

The AppleSox have lost the season series to the Bells...down 4-0 with only two to play.  With just under one-third of the season remaining a mere two games separate the top four teams in the North.  Two of those four will advance to the playoffs.  In case of ties in the final league standings, head-to-head play is the first consideration for breaking ties.  Wenatchee plays Victoria nine times and each of the other North foes six times.  Currently the AppleSox are 4-2 vs. Victoria, 1-2 vs. Walla Walla and 0-4 vs. Bellingham.  They are 2-1 against fifth-place Kelowna.  


Just Wondering   

Why doesn’t Paul Thomas Sr. Baseball Stadium have out-of-play lines on both the left and right sides of the field?   Seems so logical and helpful, but they have never been there.  


How are the AppleSox doing this season compared to previous seasons regarding runs scored and runs given up?  They are averaging5.33 per game and surrendering 4.35. 

* Runs scored since 2000 (14 seasons) the 5.33 is seventh highest.  First 6.69 in 2004.

* Runs scored since 2005 (9 seasons and the beginning of the West Coast League) the 5.33 is fourth highest.  First 5.81 in 2005.

* Runs given up since 2000 the 4.35 is ninth highest.  First is 3.36 in 2006.

* Runs given up since 2005 the 4.35 is eighth highest.  First is 3.36 in 2006.  


July 25 Games

Ouch!  At least the game today is at home.  Wenatchee has played 10 games on the 25th, all league games, and have won but four.  Only three of those 10 have been at home and therein lies some good news, they won them all.  They are 1-1 facing Bellingham (lost in 2000, won in ‘03).  The Sox have a 1-game losing streak (5-4 to Walla Walla last summer).  



North: WENATCHEE 22-18, Walla Walla 22-18, Bellingham 21-18, Victoria 18-18,  Kelowna 14-25

South:  Bend 23-14, Corvallis 22-15, Cowlitz 19-18, Medford 20-20, Klamath Falls 17-20, Kitsap 13-27

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