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The Earth Is Me, Scott Allen and Selena Rose

No sooner, it seems, was the Giant Puppet Project done and the Puppets were not even put to rest till the next parade, when Martha Flores was at it again with another great community art project. This week she has been working with the third grades classes of Mrs. Zobel and Mrs. Saltsman at Columbia Elementary on the “The Earth Is Me” project. Martha described this as a study in abstract self-portraiture. The project is part of the Resident Artist Program provided by the Wenatchee Art Education Consortium. And as ...
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Tuesday Social Club Lots Of Invitations

Tuesday was a day for special invites around town. In the morning I was ‘invited’ to see the new lighting at Two Rivers Gallery that board president Jan Theriault had picked up for a pesky place in the gallery that just needed a bit more gallery lighting so as to nix those pesky florescent lights above. I came, I saw… I installed. That Jan. What a guy. Come see my new light… “bring a ladder”…
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Apple Blossom, Art,Giant Puppets and Dancing Girls

To those of you who may have been anxiously waiting for the next Arts In The Valley and Beyond blog, sorry for the delay. But, after the very long and busy Apple Blossom weekend of Art in and out of the PAC, the First Friday art Event, The Giant Puppet march in the Grand Parade on Saturday, followed by moving Scott Allen’s Art out of the Robert graves Gallery at Wenatchee Valley College and then installing the Cashmere High School art students and the Vale Elementary students posters at the ...
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Giant Puppet Tryout Video and Martha Flores at the PAC

For all of you who have been excitedly following the progress of the Giant Puppet Project in Wenatchee, you’ll be happy to see in the video for which I have included the Youtube link in this blog, that the Puppets are made and that Thursday night May 5, 2011 we took them out for a spin. A few more items need to be put together for the outfits of a couple of the puppets…one being the ‘secret’ to be announced puppet. I can’t tell I am sworn to secrecy on ...
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Lots To Do and Enjoy In The Arts This Weekend

Tonights Arts in the Valley and Beyond is full of updates and info from all… well several… corners of the regional art world. First from Artie Bowman who attended the Annual Luncheon for the cascade Artists that I wrote about the other day…thank you to Edye Coughlin for hosting the event… Artie adds that Cascade Artists also donated $100 as a Cashmere Arts and Activities Center giving them a Business Membership, which entitles them to a business-card ad in the CAAC bimonthly newsletter for one year. ! Artie is very ...
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Cascade Artist Luncheon , First Friday and the Grand Parade

Hello art lovers. There’s plenty going in the arts this week in the valley. Monday was the annual spring pot luck luncheon for the Cascade Artists held in East Wenatchee. Too bad the weather wasn’t right for the planned outdoor event for which everyone was encouraged to bring their paints or cameras…oh well maybe for the fall luncheon. While there, Terry Valdez announced that he will be retiring after 30 years of teaching art in the Eastmont School District. Enjoy retirement Terry it can keep you busier that working for ...
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Finishing Puppets and Changing Art at the Galleries

While most in the Valley were engaged in the Youth Parade activities and enjoying the food, arts and crafts at Memorial Park, a few folks were working away on the Giant Puppet Project in the Swing Room of the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. These dedicated volunteers were quietly toiling away on the costumes of the Historic Characters of our area that will be represented in Giant Puppets. Costumes for the David Thompson Puppet, the Lumberjack, Orchardist, Native American Woman and others were all taking shape as scissors snipped ...
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Giant Puppet 'Progress' and Music in the Park

Saturday was another fun and productive day of Giant Puppet making at the swing room of the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Don Collins and the Wenatchee High School volunteers were busy painting, sealing and attaching faux hair to the paper mache’ heads and hands. Meanwhile Bill and Cindy Rietveldt tried out the frame and superstructure of the David Thompson puppet out in the alley only to find that it bowed a bit too much. Some redesign and subsequent reworking of the structure entailed. One issue after another with ...
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Giant Puppet Progress and Local Art Activites

I am pleased to report that Bill and Cindy Rietvelt and crew including Don Collins, and Mary Joe Bartholomew and the great bunch of kids from Wenatchee High School are making great progress with the Giant Puppet Project at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center. Mary Joe a long time friend and fellow puppet maker has worked on a number of projects over the years with the Rietvelts up in Leavenworth and has been associated with the Friday Night Coffee House at the Leavenworth Grange for many years as ...
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Weekend With The Ugandan Orphan Choir and Upcoming First Friday

The weekend in Wenatchee was all the more enjoyable for those at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and cultural Center with the very special performance by the Ugandan Orphans Choir and for them in being entertained by Cindy and Bill Rietvelt AKA Giant Beaver and Giant Coyote. Thank you to Selena denko for the many wonderful pictures she sent to me of this wonderful event. What a joy to see the faces of these Ugandan children as they played and posed with the giant puppets on the steps in front ...
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Giant Puppets, The Wall Street Journal and Kids art Day

Last night was a productive night at the Museum. Bill and Cindy Reitvelt were accompanied by Bill Layman and a number of Wenatchee’s fine youth who were all there to work on the Giant Puppet Project for the upcoming Apple Blossom Grand Parade. The heads and hands are all getting there second and third and in some cases fourth layer of paper mache. Cindy who came to work on the puppets straight from the Board Meeting in which they were making plans for this years Icicle Prize up in Leavenworth. ...
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Art Wine and Fun

Having just returned from the Second Saturday art event at the Cashmere Arts and Activities Center, I can say that it was an unqualified success. Folks came and enjoyed the art and some bought art and all enjoyed the wine and sparkling cider. A new young artist from India was exhibiting form the first time. I only wish I could pronounce or for that matter spell his name, but I can without hesitation say I enjoyed his work. I will get his name and write about him later as I ...
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Free Instructional Video on Raku

Just as a reminder to those interested in another enjoyable art experience here in town. The Robert Graves Gallery at Wenatchee Valley College will have a reception for Scott Allen tonight from 5-7pm. Due to too many commitments tonight I wont be able to be there for the reception, but I hope that as many of you as possible will be. Scott will be exhibiting through May 5th. I’ll be there for sure just not tonight.
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First Friday Joint Art Walk Docents Needed and Kids Camp

Lots of neat things are going on in our arts community. Tomorrow will be the first in a coordinated First Friday Arts Walk including six count them six venues within walking distance in the downtown Weantchee area. Exhibits will range from the artwork of Art luminary Walter Graham and 40 other artists at Two Rivers Gallery ( and the work of Jennifer Evenhus at Gallery 4 South to the “Foolish Things” exhibit at the Wenatchee Museum and Cultural Center which will exhibit “oddball items" from it’s permanent collection such as ...