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We feel blessed to have understanding customers

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There's nothing like a crisis to get the blood circulation and raise the blood pressure!   When we upgraded our presses with new motors and drives over the weekend, we had all the confidence in the world that the manufacturer would figure out a way to make the darned thing work. KBA, a family-owned company in Wurzburg, Germany, has been an exemplary business partner since we installed the press in 1999.  

But there are no guarantees in life, as we discovered. So when Monday afternoon came and went and we were unable to run the machinery, we were concerned. The stress level went to a slightly higher degree at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and we had to figure out how to print not only that day's edition of The World but also some very important commercial print jobs that day.  

Thanks to our friends in the newspaper industry, we were able in short order to get the jobs scheduled in four locations - Seattle, Yakima, Spokane and Lewiston, ID. We dispatched drivers to those locations, sent digital files and nailed down the specifics of each job. Some off those were delivered directly to the print sites, while others had to be brought back to Wenatchee for inserting work and then sent on to their final destination.  

Doing that for a day or two is possible, but keeping that pace up for longer than that would have been very difficult  

Meanwhile, we disrupted the lives of some of our most important people - the few hundred kids who deliver the paper, as well as motor route drivers and bundle haulers. We appreciate their good cheer and flexibility.  

We were also gratified to get a ton of support from our loyal customers. Subscribers were understanding and we received a lot of kind notes urging us to hang in there. It's enough to bring a tear to the eyes.      

We are indeed fortunate to be able to serve the amazing communities and people of North Central Washington. It was a humbling reminder that there are lots of wonderful people here. We feel truly blessed. 

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