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The Sweet Sound of Post Election Day Silence

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Our phone does not ring often and frankly, we like it that way. We don’t have teenagers around, and we practically celebrate the day they brought the Do Not Call List into existence. Phones ringing and TVs blaring are really not our style. We prefer the sounds of silence, occasionally mixed with the tap, tap, tapping of toenails across the wood floors as our four dogs run across playing, a warning bark here or there, or just the steady din of squirrels chattering and birds singing outside our windows. But we don’t always get what we want, do we?

A few weeks ago our phone started ringing. Upon returning from a weeklong trip this past weekend we discovered nineteen phone messages - a new record for two people who live the lives of virtual hermits. Once home the phone just kept on ringing, anywhere from four to eight times a day. To what can we attribute our sudden popularity? In this year’s hotly contested political races, it seems everyone wanted our vote.

I can only assume that as independents, the competition for our vote was high. Only two of the calls were from actual people on the line asking for our vote. Most of the calls were recorded messages telling us which way we should vote and why. One call was simply to remind us TO vote. Of course, there was no way to stop the calls. Yes, we’d already voted; it was too late to change our minds, but you can’t tell that to a recording and the calls continued. I think we heard from every one imaginable, from the Sierra Club to Mrs. Dino Rossi.

But now, Election Day is behind us, the ballots have been cast and the decisions have been made. The signs will come down and our beautiful views and landscapes will reappear. The rhetoric and bickering will stop (or at least simmer to a dull roar) and finally, our phone is silent… for now.