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A Cold Weather Wimp Accepts the Inevitable

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It’s that time again. I’m walking around about half grumpy and my husband is all smiles. Yes, it’s autumn. There's a chill in the air and snow is just around the corner, which means my dear spouse is as chipper as they come and I find myself entering a semi-vegetative state as I mourn the passing of summer. It’s not that I don’t like fall or winter, they obviously have their own aesthetic charms, but I love warmth and well… fall and winter just don’t have it! I recently told my husband that it’s almost as if I cocoon during this period, so if he’d just let me curl up someplace warm for the duration of the fall and winter then I’d no doubt, emerge a sweet butterfly in the spring. He simply grinned that “and you’re going to try to pull that after how many years of marriage?” smile and told me that I was no caterpillar, I was more likely a grouchy old bear wanting to hibernate, but that wasn’t going to happen either.

We live quite a ways up the Entiat River, which means that freezing temperatures have already found their way to our mornings. Of course, I never get any sympathy because as I huddle up next to a heater with a cup of coffee in my hands and cry, “Brrr, it’s only 27 degrees outside!” the usual reply from this man of mine is, “wimp”… He may be relishing this time of year when the weather cools and the heat of summer fades away, but I’m already missing my long days of sunshine.

To be honest, I had my turn, so I shouldn’t complain (but as you can already tell, I still will). He loves snow and I love heat so in 2006 after selling our house on the Olympic Peninsula we decided to find both. We drew a circle around North Central Washington and began our search. A lovely spot along the upper Entiat River is where we landed and we’ve been pleased to call Entiat and the Wenatchee area home ever since. We both get to enjoy our favorite seasons (and we both do our fair share of complaining during the off season – it’s only fair). Our first winter here was quite snowy, though subsequent winters have seemed relatively tame in comparison. The leaves seem to be dropping fast this year and I’m hearing rumors that a cold, snowy winter could be approaching. My hubby will be so pleased. Is it too early for a wimp to have spring fever?

The image is the view from my kitchen window. When the ferns in the undergrowth turn brown, that's when I know it's official. Like it or not, it's fall.