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Everyday Business | Halloween dress-ups frightfully UNscary

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We know all you zombie, ghost and ghoul fans have been dying to learn the scary scoop on what’s this year’s most popular Halloween costumes.

Well, we’ve dug up the gruesome details and, quite frankly, they spook us. We haven’t eyeballed something so frightfully UNscary since we caught the Grim Reaper in his bathrobe and slippers.

National, state and local trends are spine-chilling in their sweetness with queens, princesses, fairies, cartoon characters, mermaids, pirates and superheroes (Batman and Superman) topping most costume industry lists.

OK, sexy witch costumes have cast a spell on some adult females, and vampire costumes still take a big bite of sales. But a majority of costumes sold this year are wispy wraiths compared to the eyeball-popping, face-melting, gut-dripping getups of years past.

Locally, Nancy’s Party Rentals in Wenatchee reports that princesses, pirates and superheroes top the list. But, thankfully, the revelry-retailer also reports that TV sensation “The Walking Dead” has scared up steady sales of costumes for zombies, skeletons and other undead dudes.

Halloween City, the mega-haunt for costumes and decorations at the Wenatchee Valley Mall in East Wenatchee, reports that kids still love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Ranger costumes. There’s encouragement, though, that sales of zombie and vampire makeup have been bloody brisk.

The Goodwill Store in Wenatchee also lists princesses, pirates and superheroes (Spider-Man in particular) as bestsellers this year. They also note strong sales of regular clothing that can double as costumes — long, dark overcoats; cowboy-western shirts, jeans and boots; wedding gowns and veils.

And, pet lovers, here’s a trick that’ll treat your doggies: The nation’s top canine costume is Superman, with Darth Vader sniffing close behind. Ah-roooo!


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