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Beyond the classroom

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School is just around the corner for most districts now. Wenatchee, Eastmont, and most of the other schools in the area kick off the new year on Aug. 30.

Here is a scramble of some different aspects of school life for kids that is not directly related to sitting at a desk and taking notes - but in some ways it is just as important.


Books creating more than just mental strain for students. The average student carries a backpack on their shoulders that weighs 22% of their body weight – as a result around 7,500 kids visit the emergency room each year with backpack related injuries.


Have room in your closet for one more pair? I’ll probably stick to my flip-flops through the winter, but these are the shoes that are hot right now. There is a wide variety to choose from, and while colorful always makes a statement, black and white shoes are popular for high school kids right now.

What’s in this school year – From fedoras to scarves to laptop cases, here is a list of the items that are going to complete the student’s look as he or she starts the new year.

Dressing down or dressing up? While it’s not what most high school guys are going to be wearing this fall, it is a style that I like a lot – jackets are my kind of thing.

Food and Nutrition

You gotta see it to believe it. After 162 days, this teacher more than believes it. Mrs. Q, who will release her identification with the publication of her upcoming book, spent a year with the kids in the cafeteria – check out her blog on what one school served kids for lunch.

Packed lunches can mean sick kids. On the opposite end to the argument above on cafeteria food, lunches kids bring to school with them can be just as bad, especially when meat is involved. While the food is sitting at room temperature all morning, bacteria is growing.

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