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Surprise ending

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With a Sunday morning newspaper, my deadlines on Saturday are at night so when I used to be able to shoot to the very end of Saturday sporting events, I have to be very careful about waiting too long to get my pictures into our computer system.

So last Saturday, after spending two periods between the team benches, I hustled up to the press box to send a couple of images from the Wenatchee Wild game. The Wild was up by a couple of goals and the goalie had a shutout going so I picked a photograph of him catching a puck. It doesn't happen often that I can get a clear view of this happening so I was pretty happy with the shot.

I also sent a secondary image to the sports desk.

After sending, there was about 11 minutes in the game so I headed up to the catwalk and shot some images from up high and with 5 minutes left in the game, headed back down so I could get to my car quickly and head back to the office to build a photo gallery.

I hung out at the Wild goalie's end and was shooting a few more shots for the gallery when Kenai River scored: 2-1. Surely, I thought, that would be it with just a couple minutes left. But with a man short because of a penalty, Kenai River scored again 2-2. And the game went to overtime.

Still near the exit, I was shooting through the glass (really hard thing to get a clear image here) and a I saw the goalie go down on the ice, snapped this picture of Kenai scoring the winning shot.

After the mayhem that followed, I headed back to the office, unsure if I had the shot in focus but let the sports desk know that there might have to be a quick substitution of pictures. It happened that the sizes were similar and we could just swap out the main photo.

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