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Photos of a blowout

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I went to Entiat last night to photograph the girls game with Warden, specifically to make some pictures of Entiat's star player, Mandy Southard. It's an odd gym with the baseline on one side so shallow I can't stand, let alone sit there to take photographs and on the other, there is almost too much room. I ended up shooting pictures from the stands in the first half before moving to the larger baseline at court level. How I do like to be low, shooting at the player's eye level.

Well the game was basically over at halftime, Warden no match for Southard. I was very tempted to use this image for the newspaper but didn't think most of our readers would understand the significance of "30" in the background. That number in the days of writing news stories with pencil, indicated the end of the article you were writing and in this situation, the end of the game for Warden because of Southard.

I also liked this picture but thought it belonged more in the school yearbook than the newspaper.

There was a lot of scrambling for loose balls and steals so I decided to focus on one of these images for the published photo - the last one I will show here.

It was pretty much a flip of the coin between the picture of the group of Entiat girls surrounding the Warden girl and the last one shown. I went with the last one because it showed Southard's face and she would be mentioned in the story's lead.


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