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The truth be told...

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Telling the story of a sporting event in a photograph or photographs can be a challenge. When I'm shooting a game between two teams from our circulation area, I pretty much concentrate during the game finding the pivotal play or if I miss that, find something positive to publish showing the winner.

When it's a game between a local team and a visiting team, I look for how the local team is doing and photograph members of that team. People want to pick up the paper or look on our web site and see a local player. And that's where the real challenge comes in.

Take Eastmont's playoff game on Friday for example. My goal is to show, in one shot, a photograph of how the game went and with an Eastmont player featured. But with the score tied at halftime, I didn't know which direction the game would go.

I had this shot of an attempted blocked punt that wasn't blocked.

And this shot of Eastmont's quarterback being sacked.

And early in the second quarter, Eastmont had a nice gainer on my side of the field.

But it turned out in the end that Eastmont was pretty well stopped by Auburn's defense - fitting the photograph of the quarterback being sacked. And their defense wasn't able to keep Auburn out of their secondary, shown by this photograph.

I like that shot a lot but it's of the Auburn player more than the Eastmont players. Reactions on the sidelines can also tell the story like when the Eastmont coach watched their team give up a third touchdown in the fourth quarter.

And two shots of players after the game.

In the end I decided using the photographs of the sack and the coach would tell the story of this game pretty well, along with a photo gallery of the game. It was great the sports department could fit in both pictures on Sunday's cover.

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