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Grievous Words......

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In 2009, some Wenatchee World bloggers were less than polite or kind in their comments on others' opinions. With all that is happening in politics today, I thought of this blog I had written then, and thought I'd repost it, with a little updating.

Mercy me! Some people just love to go on the attack in these comments. I'm almost afraid to post a blog for fear that someone will find something in it to attack. I doubt that some will touch the one on writing and grammar, as that doesn't seem to be some peoples' field of expertise. ( that's the "eye for an eye").

I remember and value a lot of things my grandmother used to tell us children. She looked to the Bible for most of them. No matter what your personal beliefs -- whether you have a religion or not -- I think you can't find fault with many of the teachings found in the Bible, or in other such tomes. Remember that I said, "many", and not "all."

A favorite was, and still is," A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger." Hebrew Bible, Proverbs 15:1. As my sister, my uncle and I were very close in age, and squabbled much of the time, we heard that one frequently.

Another one was, "Be ye kind, one to another.And do not call names...." a bit of Bible in her own words.

And perhaps the best, and applicable in all situations, was, "Love one another," at which, when her back was turned, we would look at each other and make faces.

Some years later the realization dawned that her admonitions made sense. Funny, isn't it, that when we grow older we understand that out elders weren't so dumb as we once thought?

I don't like even minor violence on TV, or anywhere else. Considering the popularity of movies and TV which feature both physical and emotional violence, many will consider this trivial and possible abnormal. Surely it is possible to make serious, considered comments, even in hot political times, without resorting to attack methods. It is dismaying to find hate and anger splashed across the computer screen, and only serves to remind me that for certain, "grievous words stir up anger."