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Making Memories

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Oh you, who do not know the pleasure of listening to Nancy Griffith or Emmy Lou Harris, or the original Kingston Trio, Gordon Lightfoot, Waylon and Willie and the Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Carol King, John Prine, or the first record album by John Denver, I grieve for you and the pleasures you have not known. And I must add Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Ernestine Anderson, Kenny Baker (going back a long time)....and so many others. They invoke such intense memories.

If ever I can say one thing of importance, and which everyone starting out on the adventure of life should remember, it is this: make good memories as you move through the days and spend the years of your life. Right now, you live for the moment...with some thought for the future, I hope. What you may not realize is that you are creating memories for the later years of your life.

You will have memories. It's going to be up to you as to whether these memories will be wonderful, taking you back to times that will live again only in your mind, or regretful, as you recall less-than-happy times when your judgment was less-than-good. We all have a mixture of both; I hope the positive, happy ones outweigh the others. Because the past cannot be changed, it is often wise to leave the unpleasant memories where they are: in the past.

And so I sit, and listen, and reminisce. Where Have All the Flowers Gone? It Was a Very Good Year. Thank God I'm a Country Boy (girl), Seventeen, You've Got a Friend, Memories, Sound of Silence, Chilly Winds, The Reverend Mr. Black, We May Never Pass This Way Again, Gulf Coast Highway, Hello in There, To Daddy....and all the rest, interwoven with memories of love and laughter and children and friends and places and times not to be forgotten.

Some ten, twenty.... or even fifty years from now, perhaps a song from your past will carry you back to times of sweet or bitter-sweet remembrances. At this very moment, as you are creating and storing memories, make them ones you will treasure later.

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