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In The Spirit of the Season...

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At this time of year, when various religions each celebrate events important in their history, "peace on earth" seems to be a general theme. 

Slight variations of the maxims posted below can be found in most religions, not just Christian, whether you say, "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays."g

I remember and value a lot of things my grandmother used to tell us children. She looked to the Bible for most of them. No matter what your personal beliefs -- whether you have a religion or not -- I think you can't find fault with many of the teachings found in the Bible, or in other such tomes. Remember that I said, "many", and not "all."

A favorite was, and still is," A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger." —Hebrew Bible, Proverbs 15:1.  As my sister, my uncle and I were very close in age, and squabbled much of the time, we heard that one frequently.

Another one was, "Be ye kind, one to another.And do not call names...."  a bit of Bible in her own words.

And perhaps the best, and applicable in all situations, was, "Love one another," at which, when her back was turned, we would look at each other and make faces.

I don't like even minor violence on TV, or anywhere else. Considering the popularity of movies and TV which feature both physical and emotional violence, many will consider this trivial and possible abnormal.

One thing in particular which is troubling is the prevalence of insults and attacks on comments made on the Internet. News articles and political posts in particular receive many comments, and then other commenters post rude, racist and insulting attacks on the comments! Surely it is possible to make serious, considered comments without resorting to attack methods. It isn't kind, it isn't enjoyable to read, and "grievous words stir up anger." 

So let us try to maintain some "peace on earth" in our own lives, even in these very unpeaceful and troubled times, and spread a little kindness to others as we go about our daily lives.