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My Addiction

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Chocolate Peanut Brittle

Sometimes the best way to deal with a problem such as addiction is to come right out and admit it publicly as you try to deal with it, so that is what I am going to do.

I am addicted...not to drugs or wine or Twitter or facebook...but to Best Bite's chocolate peanut brittle!

First: no one is rewarding me in any way for saying this. No free peanut brittle. No one knows this but me. I am dealing with this right now by living in a peanut brittle free zone.

It began so innocently, with a stop at Best Bite Cafe in Cashmere to pick up some of Teresa's dark chocolate shortbread hearts for the upcoming Valentine's weekends. Dark, slightly spicy and just a touch sweet, they are one of the very few things I find acceptable with red wines. Delicious, but for me, not addictive, although I have a friend going down that dark road. I don't hide them or eat them secretly before anyone is awake, and I share them.

I picked up the hearts and started to leave, but Teresa said, "Wait. I have something new; try it." And there it was, the dark chocolate peanut brittle in all its crunchy, buttery goodness.

"Take this and try it and let me know what you and your friends think of it." I thanked her and left. Unbelievably, I didn't open the package at once, but went home, where I put it away out of sight for the time being.

Next day, midmorning, I reached for a bowl in the kitchen and there it was! Hmm. I need to try this. Chocolate peanut brittle? And so it began, with that first bite.

Noon. HE fixed himself a sandwich and some soup. I really wasn't hungry, but sipped a cup of the soup.

Fortunately, we had to leave the house and go to town. Upon returning home, I began dinner preparations - first checking to see if the peanut brittle was still there or had melted away or something. Just a nibble. Or two. Dinner will be awhile yet.

Dinner... and later, bedtime. I didn't risk chocolate then as it disturbs my sleep, although I thought about it.

Next day, cooking oatmeal for breakfast: He wasn't up yet. Just a small bite while the oatmeal cooks. Maybe a bite with the tea, too. Mmm. Goes well with oatmeal.

Later, we set off for our weekly day in Wenatchee. We usually see several friends while we're shopping. I'll take some for them to sample. I slipped the package into my purse while He was putting KittyKitty in the garage.

Unusual day. I didn't see anyone I knew who might appreciate this tasty peanut brittle. He went off to lunch; I shopped and occasionally had a small bite from the package. Hmm. She needs to put more in a package. There's not much but crumbs left in here. I must think of a reason to stop in Cashmere on the way home. Although the restaurant is closed, the owners of Best Bite still produce and sell other food such as the cookies, cheese crackers and the peanut brittle. All I had to do was call them. But what to tell Him? I couldn't think of an excuse, as he thought we had a bag of it at home? I couldn't tell him I had tasted away the whole thing!

Wait! Teresa did say she was coming out with a new pistachio brittle. Did she mention chocolate in it? We must go there and find out, so I can share it with others. Good reason.

M u s t H a v e More C h o c o l a t e P e a n u t B r i t t l e.

I'll call her right now. 509-860-9431. And maybe I can sell some on the side, so I can buy more for myself.

Withdrawal. It isn't going to be easy.