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It Was A Lively Way To Spend an Evening

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We are not beer drinkers. I tried beer while in college at the University of Iowa some years ago and did not like it. I have never tried it again. Yes, I know; that isn't a very open-minded attitude, because the new artisan beers are a far cry from Bud on tap or whatever I tasted, and our friends regularly praise the ones served at Icicle Brewing Company, which has received countless awards for their excellence.

But, I enjoy wine, and see no need to substitute beer or mixed drinks for it. Why, then, would I visit ICB? Because on alternate Thursday evenings from 7-9 they offer real, honest-to-goodness hometown Bluegrass music. Not much ranks higher with me than listening to a group of friends playing and singing music from the heart. Being from the heart of America's Heartland, I grew up listening to this and still love it.

And in case you share my preference for wine, ICB serves several local wines, including two from 37 Cellars. We all have our preferences, but for me it's always 37 Cellars Trio. If you favor white, they serve their excellent Chardonnay. I have tasted and enjoyed the wines served from the other wineries - Boudreaux Cellars, Icicle Ridge and Napeequa, but I cannot resist the wines from Chuck Egner and Frank Dechaine. And Trio is one of the best, and available only here at ICB. Accompany this with some of ICB's food plates and the company of friends, and you have an evening to remember.

As for the music - Chuck Egner is almost always there, playing with the group which varies in number and names of participants There are no set pieces, for this is a "jam" and anyone can show up and join in, from the veriest novice to the seasoned virtuoso, and some of each are always there. Oftentimes, listeners join in, keeping time, clapping and singing...even a little impromptu dancing if there's room. It's a grand way to spend an evening

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