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This Afternoon

Hi36° Snow


Lo28° Snow


Hi33° Chance Snow

Saturday Night

Lo26° Snow Likely


Hi32° Snow

Sunday Night

Lo26° Slight Chance Snow


Hi29° Mostly Cloudy

Monday Night

Lo19° Mostly Cloudy


Hi28° Partly Sunny

Tuesday Night

Lo19° Patchy Freezing Fog


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I like birds. We have a variety of birds up here on the side of the mountain. I like the jays, the cardinals, the finches, the swallows, the chickadees and quail and occasional eagle and hawk.  I'll bet you do, too.

I like cats. KittyKitty is the ruler in our house. I like Siamese cats. We have lived with them, too. Bluepoint, red point, seal point. I like white cats, like the ones on my grandparents farm. I like black cats and tabbies. Some people are not cat people, and I am sorry for them.

I like dogs, too. We don't have one now, but in Missouri we had a border collie. In California we had a mini poodle and later, a Great Dane; in Georgia we had an Irish setter. Lovely dog. Our kids have a variety, from Lab to retriever, Jack Russell terrier and dachshund. My mother had Poms and Yorkies. I liked them all. Most people like dogs.  

I like flowers - all colors and varieties. They all bring pleasure to my life. Especially lavender. Red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, white and others - all bring pleasure and have a place in our lives.  

I like people. I like all varieties. Some are "red", some are "yellow" and others are black or mixtures thereof, and others are what we call white.   

Why is it, then, that we can like diversity in birds, cats, dogs, flowers and other living things and yet cannot tolerate other people like ourselves - perhaps different on the outside but just the same inside - if they have different body differences: skin, eyes, body shape, size...whatever.

Many have different beliefs about life, the supernatural and the hereafter. So what?  Unless they try to force their beliefs on others - and many do - why do we have a quarrel with them? Why do we disparage them, call them names and look upon them as less than equal to ourselves?  

Why?  Is there an answer?  

Unless we can accept our world with all its infinite variety of life, of color and shape and ideas, we will be perpetually at war and never at peace with ourselves and others. What a sad way to exist.