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Celebration Week

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Dinner tonight: After a morning of gardening and later, after lunch, some errand-running, we were too tired to do anything fancy.

Dinner: first, the wine. Lest you get carried away with visions of the two of us staggering around , overcome with wine, allow me to disabuse you of this notion. We choose one wine for dinner, and that is it. For tonight we wanted to begin with one of our favorite local red wines which would complement our dinner of rack of lamb and polenta with portobello mushrooms and leeks, and decided on a 37 Cellars 2009 Petit Verdot. It didn't disappoint us, and added greatly to our enjoyment of dinner. Chuck and Frank make very nice wine; I could go on for hours about the 2009 Cab Sauv, which is like a trip to Wino Heaven.

After the main course we had a salad of mixed greens dressed with roasted walnut oil and white balsamic vinegar, and topped with our own freshly pickled beets, Roquefort cheese and toasted walnuts. As salad, especially a green one or one with a vinegar or other acidic ingredient, can ruin a good red wine, we have salad as a sort of "dessert", coming after the meal and wine are consumed.

Coming up: dinner with a Ryan Patrick Reserve Chardonnay, 2008.

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