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Psych Lives! Again!

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A little while back (well, December of 2009, actually) I started a blog like this:

Anyone remember Ultimate Spinach? These guys.


No? Well, what about H.P. which point I continued on a discussion about psychedelic music and radio, ending up with a direction to the psych music streaming site "The Technicolor Web Of Sound". Alas, TWOS went off the air (money problems) in December. I've never seen a music site with it's own You Tube tribute video.

Shows how well loved the site was. But with TWOS passing, it brings up a problem (for me, anyway) with streaming music sites like Pandora and AOL Radio and that is there's no human involvement in the programing.

I don't know about other sites (maybe you can recommend some to me), but these two have fundimental flaws when you try to design your own station. Pandora uses what they call "sound qualities", that is songs that sound similar...or have similar songs you program in. I've got a psych station, but Pandora's as likely to program Spirit....

....(Fresh Garbage is NOT on Pandora's playlist) followed by People.....

.....(so far so good)...followed by The Beach Boys (?!)

....because the song structure is "similar". Give me a break, guys.

AOL radio suffers from the same problem. They do have a "Psych" channel, if you consider The Doors and Led Zepplin "psych". I don't. And try to build a station around The Paupers....

.....or some other "obscure" group, and they either don't have it, the case of The Paupers....send you to their "60's oldies" channel. Ouch.

I've found a bit of a solution to this perticular problem, it's called , a new psych stream. They're not as good as TWOS was, and they use Loudcast for streaming (there are better streams), but I'll forgive them because a) they're brand new, b) they admit it and c) they've got good music choices.

But the moral to my story is that the world needs more sites like the late TWOS or Psychedelicize. Computers don't cut it. Music is meant to be programmed by humans. Humans know "Polythenene Pam" and "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window" are meant to follow "Mean Mr. Mustard" in the same way "Heartbreaker" and "Livin' Lovin' Maid" are a song cycle. Tell THAT to AOL and Pandora. I'll just sit here quietly and listen to Andwellas Dream.....

Life is good again.....