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A Quick Comment About SOPA and PIPA

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You may have noticed, if you use the internet as much as I do, some websites have gone dark (Wiki), or have seriously altered their view (Google) today, and with good reason.

They're protesting the two internet copywrite laws floating through Congress, the Stop Online Privacy Act, and the Protect IP Act, attempts to limit on-line piracy of copywritten material like movies and music.

This is a case where the ends don't justify the means. Either act, if passed, would create a major problem for both users and internet providers. For example, if I were to post a video, let us say for example something like this......


....without expressed permission of the copywrite owner (the songwriter? International Artitst Records? Someone who just wants to make trouble? ), it could not just be taken down on You Tube, I could be brought to court, or IN THEORY, the Wenatchee World website could be shut down.

This stems from the old music piracy fights that first came to fore when people were dubbing off music (mostly mix tapes) for friends on cassettes in theoritical violation of copywrite laws. And I'll grant you the cause is just, but the enforcement measures and lack of protection for "casual" downloaders are terrible. And they extend far beyond what you and I do. Lowell Boileau, moderator of , and the hoast of one of my favorite sites, put it well here.

So if your favorite site is not available today, now you know why.

BTW, the video is of the 60's psych band Bubble Puppy, doing their 1969 2011, as part of their induction into the Austin (Texas) Musical Hall Of Fame. I swear the solo at the 1:36 point in the video is one of the sweetest psych solos out there.