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Drum Solos and Drum Fills, With a Vox Contenential Thrown In For Good Measure

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Remember drum solos? For a short period of time they used to be a staple of every band's live performance, culminating in nightmare/classic solo from 1968.

Funny, at the 2:30 part of the video, I started humming the organ riff that Doug Ingle played on the Vox Continental. But I digress. To put the whole thing into context, here's the complete musical break. Nowadays Doug plays a B-3, but not here.


Nowadays, noone plays drum solos, but they DO use kicks and or fills. A kick would be a "countdown" to set the tempo. about 45 seconds into the video, Uriel Jones shows you what I'm talking about.

For a fill, you're on your own. In any case, I ran across this little quiz at NPR's All Songs Considered blog. There's actually 3 or 3 of them have to click the link IN the article to find them.....and they're kinda fun to see if you can tell where the short signature drum pieces come from.

The blog itself gives you hints. The quizes imbeded in the blog do not. Some are from "classic rock" tunes, some are newer, and I got about 70% of them (he said, patting himself on the head). Take the quizes, see how you do, and post your results in the comments below (if you dare).

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