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Odds and Ends time

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It's time to clean my desk again, which means odds and ends about this and that which has been submerged under the leaning tower of paperwork on my desk. Ready?

Bob Welsh passes. Not a good beginning, but you start with what's on top. Welsh was a member of Fleetwood Mac during their messy '71/'75 period when it was turning from a British blues band towards the pop giant they eventually became. Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer, both VERY talented guitarists, had left the band, which then held an open audition for a guitarist. Welsh got the gig as rhythm guitarists, taking over lead when Danny Kirwan (who Welsh did not like much) stormed off stage during a tour.

It was Welsh, along with Christie McVie (John's wife, who joined the band about the same time after Chicken Shack folded), helped push the band away from the blues, towards a more popish sound on LPs like "Future Games"...

"Bare Trees".....

.....(sound familiar? It was one of Welsh's solo hits) "Penguin", and "Mystery To Me", which spawned this Welsh penned radio his.

Welsh left the band in '75, feeling like he had no where else to go creatively with the group. After forming a short lived band himself, Welsh made it as a solo artist in the late 70's and hit with..... 1978, along with a reworked version of "Senmintal Lady" and....

Alas, Welsh aparently underwent spinal surgery a few months ago and was told by doctors he would not get much better. Fearing becoming an invalid and a burden to his wife, he shot himself yesterday in his home in Nashville. He was 67. It's a shame. If it wasn't for Welsh, Fleetwood Mac would not have become what they are today.

Click and Clack "retire". Yup, it's true. The NPR staples and hosts of "Car Talk" are going to stop producing programs as of September. If you can't place them, they're these guys.

Somewhere in there, they dispensed automotive (mis)information and car care tips for 35 years, 25 of them on National Public Radio. They actually did give some decent advice, this for example....


Tom and Ray Maglozzi actually have good reason to retire. Ray is 63, and his brother Tom is 74. And they're not going off the air. After they stop doing new episodes, Urgent Haircut Productions (Doug Berman, executive overloard), will package new shows containing segments recorded during their 25 year career at NPR. Just remember, don't drive like my brother.

And as a final note, burried in the obits this week in the World, was the passing of Frank Cook, as in Frank Cook and the Night Raiders. Frank was a long time Wenatchee area country performer (I want to say he was a drummer, but I'm not sure about that) who performed in clubs until the early 80's.


Frank and his band recorded (I believe) 8 sides for Don Brenier's Julian Records in the mid 60's. Very traditional country. Very good, too.

And as a wrap, I've managed to on on a Zombies kick. Maybe watching a rerun of PBS' "British Beat" did it. Don't know for sure, but I've been collecting Zombie-ish tunes for a possible blog, and came up with this gem from 1968. The band is People, and yes, it is a Zombies song.

Psych Lives! Have a great day and keep rockin'.