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To quote Jimmy Castor, "What we're gonna do is go back.....back into time....back to the troglodites....", or at least high school, that is if you graduated in the mid to late 60's. Remember these guys?

Yup, it's The Chargers, one of the acts Don Brenier's Julian Records recorded. I found out about this yesterday afternoon (and confirmed it today) from a posting on Dustin Hay's Julian Records Facebook page noteing that Friday night, The Chargers are doing a reunion gig at the Clearwater Steakhouse in East Wenatchee.

Trio Deluxe is on the bill, with The Chargers playing off and on between sets. I't my understanding that they don't have a big song list, and I don't know (outside of Steve Barone) who'se in the band, but if you remember dances at Pioneer Gym, or Wenatchee High, or the D&D Roller Rink, dust off those rock and roll shoes, check with your kids to make sure you know what time you have to be home, take your arthritis medication, and head down to The Clearwater tomorrow night.

BTW, if you're into Wenatchee rock and roll history, (Billy & The Kids, The Chargers, The Talisman, The Aztecs and others), you might want to head over to . It's an interesting look into '60's NCW Rock and Roll.

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