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The Nominees For Induction Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Are.....

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It's time for the annual fall bloodleting, better know as my take on this year's nominees for induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (RaRHoF). There are 15 nominees, and we'll take a look at 7 (or 8) of them here on a should they/will they basis, dealing with the other 8 (or 7) later this week. Ready?

We're not going to start easy, seeing that Rush is on the list. You know Rush. These guys:

They create a problem for both me an the hall. Are they popular? Yes, just ask The Quake. But if popularity was the criteria, Grand Funk would be in the hall. Are they good? Yes. But are they outstanding? There's the rub. There are a lot of very good bands who will not make it into the RaRHoF, and I have this little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me Rush is one of those bands. Will they? Maybe. Shoud they? I'm not sure.

Donna Summer is up again. Last year, I gave her a thumbs up, and I'm going to do it again this year. Granted she was a disco artist, but what a disco artist. She not only defined the genre, but you could watch her advancement as a singer from pablum like this.....

&feature=related things like "She Works Hard For The Money", and this....

....which takes talent to sing well, and although I can understand why people would say no, on the will she/should she meter, I'm going to say I hope so/yes.

OK, how do we handle Public Enemy besides with rubber gloves? There's a major argument in the backround with this one, that is "What is 'Rock And Roll'"?

This happens every year, and The Quake is pounding their collective chests about how Public Enemy (along with N.W.A. and probably Chic) are NOT rock and roll based on the flimsy premise that they don't play them, thus they're not qualified to be considered Rock and Roll, as if a radio station that plays 3 Led Zepplin songs in it's rotation (2 of them being "Kashmir") is qualified to be the judge of what is or is not rock. They don't really play any soul music either, so I'm waiting for the anti-Marvelettes campaign to start next week. Guys, the fact that you don't like it doesn't disqualify it. Got that?

I carry a loose definition of rock, basically anything played by a "rock and roll" radio station, and Public Enemy was all over the type of radio I don't listen to anymore. Face it, I'm a 60 something guy, and PE is someone elses music, not mine BUT, there is no denying the fact that PE took RUN-D.M.C's basic idea, added more music, politics, and revolution and pushed Rap/Hip-Hop to a whole new level.

At least from my old(er) perspective, you can believe the hype. I mean, all of a sudden it seemed like every skinny, white 20 year old thought he was the new Flavor Flav. Should? YES, Will? Don't know.

Procol Harum is the odd duck in this crowd. As a band, they were "created" following sucuess of the Gary Brooker (keyboard, vocal) Keith Reid (lyricist) studio creation "Whiter Shade Of Pale" in 1967. The band trod in Moody Blues territory, but with more "rock", with the band's energy petering out in the mid 70's, leaving in it's wake a series of very good, if not radio friendly LPs. With songs like "A Salty Dog"....

And the "Whiter..." followup, 1968's "Homburg"....

.....there is no question they've got the chops, but I just can't grasp them quite as RaRHoF material. Should they? Maybe. Will they? Nope.

Which brings us to a pure songwriter, Randy Newman. A great writer, the question is does he belong here? You can't deny this.... a terrific song, a sarcastic "California Girls" if you wish, and this one....


....and a hundred other Newman songs. Now comes the "but". But he's NOT a performer. To me, Randy suffers from the Tom Waits/Laura Nyro problem, in that the main Hall is a performer's hall, and to put Randy there isn't right. Does he belong in the RaRHoF? Definately, but in the sub-catigory of songwriter, not performer. Will he? Not here, I hope.

Now it's time for me to take a flyer. I'm going to pass completely on N.W.A. Partially because, as I said before, as a 60 something white guy, I don't understand gangsta rap at all, so I'm going to leave it to someone who knows better than I the merits of this (in mmy opinion) 90's version of "Superfly" gone way off the deep end. Fair enough?

Which brings us to our last entry for this segment, the German band Kraftwerk, another perplexer. Coming out of Germany in the late 60's....they come out of the same era as Tangerine Dream, they laid the foundation for about half of disco, and the techno craze that came rushing out of Detroit...among other the mid-late 90's. You may remember this radio hit....

....but with songs like "The Robot"...

&feature=related could see where the point could be made that without Kraftwerk, disco....and Donna Summer's "I Feel Love"....might not have exsisted as we know it now. Maybe they even spawned Devo, a scary thought at best. So I'm inclined to look favourably on Kraftwerk. Shoud they? I think so. Will they? Given how strong the field is this year, probably not.

So that ends the first part of this little diatribe. Give me a couple of days, and I'll take a look at the last 8 nominees. Fair enough?