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The Return of The Nominees for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame II

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We continue marching through the 15 nominees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction next year, and join the masses in speculating who (or who doesn't) get in. The speculation continues with The Meters, the great New Orleans funk band. And it's good, solid funk that backed many Josie Records artists through the 60's and 70's. And there's the problem....again. As good as "Look Ka Py Py" is....

....and how they influenced a whole generation of New Orleans based musicians, they don't deserve a place in the main hall, in the same way The Funk Brothers or The Wrecking Crew don't. They were primarily sidemen, and as such deserve a place in the RaRHoF, just not here, so they're a no/no

Nor do Joan Jett And The Blackhearts deserve a shot. Nothing against her or them, but if this....

....was her best shot, and it was, it was good but pedestrian hard rock, not really worthy of consideration. So Joan's a no/no.

Now if you wonder why I don't think Joan's worthy of induction, compare her with Heart, and tell me which group had a longer, more varied career turning out consistantly high quality music. Right, it was the Wilson sisters who win the consideration vote hands down. Doesn't mean they should actually be inducted, but they make a very good case about why the RaRHoF should look at their nominating procedure more closely.

I like the early Heart material, back when they were true rockers. I probably don't need to post anyting by them, folks up here know their stuff by, er, well.....heart, but just in case someone from Escanaba is reading this, here.

The problem with Heart is they wanted to stay on top. In the early 80's, when the hard rock had run it's course, the band flipped and in 1985 hit with a string of monster power ballads like....

.....not bad, but not something memorable. And I hate to say this, but they're not really inventive, either. So they made another career move. They decided to enjoy themselves, Ann and Nancy coming back as The Lovemongers. With cuts like "Battle Of Evermore", "Papa Was A Rolling Stone", and this gem from their 1992 New Years Eve concert....

....the sisters started having fun again. I'm having second thoughts about Heart, and believe they might get in sometime. Not now, though.

Which brings us to Chic, Niel Rodger's answer to how to get people on the dance floor. Neil was Chic, writer, producer and arranger, the girls just being the performers. And as much as I like Chic.....'s run of the mill dance music. Good, but so was "The Mashed Potatoes". Enough said, Chic's a no/no unless I'm missing something.

So what do we do with Deep Purple? I've liked them for a long time, ever since "Shades Of Deep Purple" in 1968, and through more personell changes than a convenience store, the Jon Lord driven band had an impressive 25 year run with hit after hit, from "Hush"....

....through to the end, through Prog and Heavy Metal, they just kept crankin' 'em out. I'm going against my better insticts here and say they probably should be in the hall. Don't think they'll make it this time, though.

Blues guitarist Albert King is on the list. Yea, I think every blues guitarist worth his wate in guitar strings should be inducted, but I'm beginning to wonder if "Early Influences" might be a better induction place. A crackerjack guitarist, blending Chicago, Memphis and Mississippi styles, King (One of the "Three Kings Of The Blues", Freddie and B.B. being the other two) his big claim to fame is the now standard "Born Under A Bad Sign", cut in 1966....

....followed by "Crosscut Saw" and "As The Years Go Passing By". He's about the last classic blues guitarist NOT to be inducted, but I don't think he's quite the stature to make it by vote. Let's say no with reservations/no

Here's the only sop to us old folks who were teenagers when rock first began to roll. The Marvelettes are finally on the ballot. The argument against the grils from Motown is that they're no Supremes. Granted, but without The Marvelettes, maybe the Supremes wouldn't have signed with Motown, because there wouldn't be a Motown. The girls were Motown's first big act, hitting in '61 with "Please Mr. Postman", continuing on through 1968's "My Baby Must Be A Magician". With songs like....

....they most definately deserve a place in the hall. The Marvelettes set the table for all of Motown that followed. YES/I damm well hope so.

And now (finally) the last group, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. This is another one of those conundrums. THE prototype white Chicago blues band, they were blessed with two great guitar players (Elvin Bishop and Mike Bloomfield), a crack harp (Butterfield) and a terrific drummer (Sam Lay). The band was groundbreaking....

....and set the musical world on it's collective ear with their LP "East West" BUT I don't think they have to collective weight to be voted in. They were very influential in the mid-late 60's and their influence is still with us, but maybe they should be inducted as an "Early Influence". So should they, yes with reservations. Will they? No way.

And that's that. All 15, sorta like 2 very large pizzas with everything on it. Tell you what. Give me a couple of days to catch my breath and I'll give you a summary, at which point I want to hear what you think.