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Some Holiday Music.....

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It occurs to me that I have yet to post some holiday videos like I've done every year.  Usually I make fun of the holiday.....both it's commercialism AND the music associated with it).....but not this year.

I also know that viewing videos on the World's blog site is a pain in the something or other, but there's not a whole heck of a lot I can do about that.  I'll post the URL, your job is to click through it.  OK?

A couple of years ago, Tom Keith passed away.  Keith was one of 2 sound effects men on Garrison Keillor's "A Prarie Home Companion", and a good sound effects man he was.  I said I wasn't going to make fun of Christmas songs, but this one is too good to pass up.  Keillor sings, Keith provides the sounds for "The 12 Days Of Christmas".

Now for my job, I spend a lot of time in grocery stores, and for some reason this year has been a bad one for Christmas Muzak (tm).  Alot of the old standbys have been replaced by remakes.  For some reason, Chuck Berry appears to be a main target this year, with a number of really awful versions of "Run, Run Rufolph, from Kelly Clarkston to Bon Jovi, through Skynyrd (who should be shot for their version) and many others....although Sam Bush' version isn't too bad.  But you can't improve on perfect.

Poor Eartha Kitt suffers the same fate.  "Santa Baby" needs to be purred, and if Kitt were alive today, she'd be rolling over in her grave if she listened to what Taylor Swift, Madonna, Megan Nicole and others have done to it.  Kyle Minogue comes close, but like "The In Crowd", the original is the greatest

Let's break for a commercial here.  We'll be right back after this Christmas gift idea from Norelco.

One resonably modern classic here.  You'd think a rock and roller like me wouldn't like The Carpenters, but I do actually.  Pays to be open minded, you know.  In any case, I don't think there's a remake of this, and if there was, it couldn't come close to what Karen does for this.  Richard's arangement isn't half bad either.  And neither is the CKLW (The BIG 8) jingle that opens the whole mess.

And we're going to close out this little missive with a true fave of mine.  If you watch Letterman....I don't, it's past my know Darlene Love is a Christmas tradition with the show.  Someone put together a great mashup of Darelene's performances over the years, and my friend Ira was kind enough to send it along.  The two key changes in the mashup hurt a bit, but she's got a great voice, and it's a wonderful song.

So that's it for this year.  From our house to yours, a wish for a Very Merry Christmas.