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I've Got My Peanuts And Cracker Jack, How 'Bout You?

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The one constant through out the years, Ray, has been baseball.

And yes, it's time to re-prove the Terrance Mann quote. Opening day is upon us, and our long winter of discontent is ending. Now I haven't done one of these "Opening Day" blog posts in a couple of years, but it gives us a chance to revisit some old musical....and non musical friends. Terry Cashman, for example.

Now it's no secret I like good songwriting. Melanie, Donovan and Dean Friedman (among others) are some I really like. But for this little missive, let's take a second to look at Terry Cashman.

Cashman, who along with Gene Pistilli, penned "Sunday Will Never Be The Same" for Spanky and Our Gang (among other hits and near misses), was a bit fed up with the baseball strike of 1981. A former minor league player in the Tigers system, he knew the game, and using a picture of Mays, Mantle and Snyder walking around Shea Stadium at an "Old Timers" Day, banged out this ditty in about 20 minutes.

Cashman was a Giants fan growing up in New York in the 40's and 50's, and it shows, but for some reason the Eisenhower reference rings true to me, as in my childhood, "First in War, First in Peace, and Last in The American League" was a common saying about this time of year. Can't say that anymore. The Expos are The Nationals, in the other league, and a pretty good team.

But I digress. Cashmen's song, which he altered in the mid 80's to fit any number of other teams (forgive me here, this is MY blog, and MY memories here)....

......became the second pop song to be honored by the National Baseball Hall Of Fame, the year after this little gem was honored by the hall in 2010.....

....., an honor both songs deserve.

So here we are. Hope springs eternal. I'm ready to go and will be firmly planted in front of the TV Monday at 7pm. I'm ready. Like the die hard Cubs fans, I feel a bit like this guy.....

......I'm not asking a great deal out of the M's. Yea sure, and AL West title would suit me just fine. But all I know fore sure is I'm ready to sing.

Or in the thrilling last to words to our national anthem,