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Wenatchee Mom Blog
Staying sane when life is crazy

Clara Field | Staying sane when life is crazy

Hi friends. Hanging in there? What a beautiful month we’ve had here in the Wenatchee Valley. Can’t believe all this snow! Refreshing and fun after some very dry winters. We hit the hills at Squilchuck for some sledding and drank gallons of hot chocolate, watched the snowflakes fall and frosted cookies. What about you all? Having a cozy winter so far?
Wenatchee Mom Blog
Did I say that out loud?

Kat Bonny | Did I just say that out loud?

Sometimes you have to step outside yourself to find humor in a frustrating situation. A lot of frustrating situations arise while raising children, and with that comes our response as parents. It’s funny to me to mentally rewind and assess what I’ve just said out loud and bask in the ridiculousness of it. I find that my best quotes are responses to questions or actions executed by my kids. Here are a few of my favorite from the last year:
Wenatchee Mom Blog

Kelli Scott | The Binky Fairy comes tonight

Our last dentist appointment did not go well. The staff at Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry was great, of course, and the kids love it there. But the report on 2-year-old Vivian’s tiny teeth was grim: Starting immediately, no more pacifiers. Her two front teeth jut out like the grill of an old steam train and it’s past time we throw out the binkies, the dentist told us, before we do permanent damage to my beautiful girl’s smile.
Wenatchee Mom Blog

Kelsey Schroeder | Holiday traditions we love

Over the past 10 years, I have tried to establish some holiday traditions that are non-negotiable — the things we do every year, even though at least one person from time to time throws a little fit. With a family of five, it is inevitable that there will be different opinions and thoughts. The goal is to rally everyone so we can all enjoy our family time and holiday traditions. A few of these annual traditions are: visiting Santa at the mall, making ginger bread houses, and the pajama fairy’s visit on ...
Wenatchee Mom Blog

Peggy Radewan | What matters most

When I first heard about Wenatchee Mom Blog, I thought, “What a great idea!” And then I thought, “Those young mothers need me!” I’m an old mother — my kids are now 37 and 33 so what I have to offer you is the voice of perspective.
Wenatchee Mom Blog
Don’t let the holidays get you down

Kat Bonny | Don’t let the holidays get you down

The entire month of December is crazy. There’s snow on the ground, and people are driving like it’s their first time, as well as people driving like it’s their last. That combination along with those caught in the middle, the inevitable stresses of work before the holiday and having the time to get it all done before the family shows up is kind of scary. I’ve even noticed my kids acting up more.