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Rebecca Maloney | Kindness effort is gaining momentum

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What is Pay It Forward NCW? What are Random Acts of Kindness? To explain, let me tell you a bit about myself. I moved to the Wenatchee Valley in June of 1981. While the look of the valley has changed significantly since then, the feel has not. Our community remains the vibrant, generous, amazing place I am proud to call home.

My parents, both educators, taught my brother and I that actions have consequences and that the secret to achieving positive consequences is to make positive choices. From these early teachings a desire to give back, to pay it forward, was established.

Toward the end of last year, a random act of kindness from a complete stranger inspired me to act. To find my voice. To remind others that kindness matters. Simply put, Pay It Forward NCW is a reminder that the little things matter, that human to human contact is important, that technology is wonderful when healthfully enjoyed.

Pay It Forward NCW is an effort to connect humanity with technology by encouraging, noting and promoting random acts of kindness throughout our community in a central location. Our community has a unique feel because of the generous hearts that reside within. Pay It Forward NCW is a combination of the Pay It Forward Movement and Random Acts of Kindness Movement to connect all the wonderful causes, needs and wants into one place — a one stop shop for kindness.

February has the honor of hosting “Random Acts of Kindness” week. A contributor on our Facebook page suggested the following idea. I like it. If you do as well, get involved! Get others involved. Let’s see what our combined forces toward a specific Random Act of Kindness can achieve. Thank you, Marilyn, for Paying it Forward in NCW.

“Since February is known as heart month, I would like to share another idea I thought of for a random act of kindness gesture.

“I would like to call it Hearts for the Homeless. My idea is people could take friendship cards to homeless shelters to give to the people at the shelter. Maybe a nice bouquet of flowers to put on the tables in a homeless shelter. These are a few ideas I have to share for random acts of kindness.”

I am thrilled with the activity on our Facebook page; the growing number of “likes” indicate to me that I am not alone in believing that simple acts of kindness can have amazing results. Remember, random acts of kindness don’t always have a price tag. A smile, holding the door for the person behind you, letting a car merge in front of you and saying thank you all have amazing intrinsic rewards. Share your experiences via the technology side by using our Facebook page, or contact me directly.

Let’s continue the forward momentum by combining voices and actions to keep our Valley a place for future generations to enjoy.

Rebecca Maloney started Pay it Forward NCW to encourage random acts of kindness. She can be reached on Facebook at payitforward-ncw.

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