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The Koffin Kats-The Show

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Psychobilly got a little bit closer to home last Friday night, the 5th, as "The Koffin Kats" from Detroit, Mich started off their west coast tour at The Broadway Bar And Grill in Moses Lake. The band, former in 2003 consists of lead man, lead vocalist and upright bassists Vic Victor, Eric "E-Ball" Walls on drums and EZ Ian on guitar and vocals, however it appeared to me that EZ was not in the line up Friday night. Unfortunately I don't know why EZ wasn't there and I never caught the name of the guy on guitar but he did a great job.

They did roughly a 75 minute set featuring fan favorites such as "Chainsaw Massacre", "Graveyard Tree" and "Perfect Suicide" along with songs from their 7th and current album "Our Way And The Highway". Vic Victor spent a good portion of his night dodging his mike as the rather rambunctious crowd kept bumping his mike and if you've ever been hit in the teeth by a mike (I have), you'll understanding his dodging efforts. With only a 4 inch stage, the mike stand is on the floor. At one point, there were various people holding down the stand and blocking people from hitting it. One issue with this, Vic is a bit of a small guy and with a short stage the one big guy blocking the mike was also blocking Vic but Vic carried on with psychobilly greatness.

In the following video of "V8 Nightmare" you can see Vic in the beginning do some mike dodging. He's good at it. Also, I apologize for the darkness of the video. There wasn't much stage lighting. Also if the proper video isn't showing click on the gray lettering Koffin Kats underneath for the proper video. Still having issues with youtube playlist.

Opening for The Koffin Kats was another awesome psychobilly band out of Salem, OR "Back Alley Barbers". This band consists of Jay Von Voodoo on upright bass and backing vocals, front woman and lead vocalist Queen Pirate, Monster Mark on drums and Dead End Johnny on guitar and backing vocals. I hadn't heard of them before but they didn't disappoint putting on a high energy entertaining set. They were a crowd favorite as well. I expect to be hearing more from them in the future. Again click on the gray writing Back Alley Barber under the video for the proper one, playlist issues.

As for the venue, this was my first time at the Broadway Bar And Grill and it's a decent place. It has a designated floor with stage, seating adjacent to the floor with standing room around the perimeter for a guestimate occupancy of 200 and I'd say there were approximately 80 in attendance for this show and they were enjoying themselves.

A few things I'd like to see change should they continue with this caliper of bands is: 1. enlarge and especially raise the stage, 4 inch is more of a trip hazard than a stage, 2. invest in a little better sound system with the sound man set up in the back of the floor for better control. Instrument amps weren't miked and the balance got a bit off and many times you couldn't here the guitar but the vocals were good and 3. invest in some proper stage lighting as it was rather dark. Regardless, I'd still go there for a show.

Overview, it was a great show with a pair of awesome psychobilly bands at a friendly venue fairly close to home plus I got to meet Vic Victor...good times, good times. Until the next show.

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