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New Years Resolution-Top Ten Bands I Want To See Live In 2013

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Happy New Year. For me it's time for a New Year's resolution / top ten. My resolution is to continue going to live shows but to hopefully see all of my top ten bands that I have yet to see live but want to. The bands are all still out there but catching them live could be a challenge. The order does not reflect preference.

1."Imelda May" a rockabilly influenced singer from Dublin Ireland. While she has toured the states before, it's been a couple of years. She was to do a short tour of the west coast last spring but canceled. Though no tour has yet been announced I'm hopeful that she will come this way.

2."Kitty In A Casket" a psychobilly band from Vienna Austria. While they do tour extensively, it's all in Europe. To my knowledge, they have yet to tour the states but then again 2013 may be their year.

3."The Brains" another psychobilly band but a little closer to home as they are from Montreal and they do tour the states.

4."The Secretions" from Sacramento, CA are a 3 piece punk band that's been around since 1991. They seem to play a lot around there home town area, just not sure how often they venture further.

5."Me First And The Gimme Gimme's" are probably my first pick but it could be difficult. All five members are in other working bands so they only seem to play when all their other bands are on hiatus.

6."Mean Jeans" is probably going to be my best bet. They are from Portland OR and they have played Seattle. I had tickets for their show last July at Chop Suey but at the last minute I couldn't make.

7."The Gateway District" are from Minneapolis, MN are another one that might be difficult to see. They do tour some but like other bands, they too all play in other bands as well.

8."The Soviettes", also from Minneapolis could also be hard to catch. They officially went on hiatus in 2006 but they have been getting together to do a few shows each year. The did do a short tour a few months ago but didn't come to the pacific NW. The members are also in multiple bands including guitarist Sturgeon who also plays with The Gateway District..

9."The Love Me Nots" a 60's style fuzz, organistic rock and roll band hail from Phoenix, AZ. It may also be difficult to see them as they only seem to play the Arizona-Southern California area.

10."One-Eyed Doll" is from Austin TX and they tour quite extensively. They played Spokane and Seattle just a few months ago and they are probably another good bet for me to catch live.

While it'd be great to catch all ten bands this year, I feel I'll be lucky if I can see three of them just due to their schedules.

Who do hope to see this year?