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Changes…For Better Or For Worse?

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While checking various venue calendars for up coming shows, I came across “Walk Off The Earth” playing at the Showbox Sodo in February and “The Creepshow” playing at El Corazon in April.  What do these two bands have in common? Sarah “Sin” Blackwood.

Sarah was with “The Creepshow” (replacing her sister Hellcat) from 2009 until 2012 when, with many projects, she decided to go with “Walk Off The Earth” at which “The Creepshow” brought in Kenda Legaspi to replace Sarah on vocals and  they also brought in Daniel Flamm on guitar. Not sure if Kenda can play guitar or not.

I like some of Sarah’s  solo stuff but with “Walk Off The Earth” all they appear to be doing is covers in a rather mellow fashion.

Sarah went from doing this….

…and live stuff that I saw like this…

…to cheesy covers like Madonna….

…to which I must conclude that Sarah has become a material girl. The Madonna cover currently has 2.3 million views while The Creepshows “They All Fall Down” currently has 670,000 views.

Also “The NEW Creepshow” is playing El Corazon and tickets are just $10 while “Walk Off The Earth” tickets at Showbox Sodo are $30  and when I saw Sarah with “The Creepshow”, she was working her own merchandise booth and I got to “meet and greet” her and have a picture taken , no charge.


You can also have a “meet and greet” with Sarah at The Showbox….as long as you purchased a $100 ticket.

The “new” Creepshow with Kenda are continuing on in the old fashion.

And while “Walk Off The Earth” are touring with boring “Parachute”, “The Creepshow” are  touring with the phenomenal “Phenomenauts”.  I believe I’ll spend my money on “The Creepshow” and skip “Walk Off The Earth”.

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