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Wendell George | Spirit chief and the mind

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During Little Joe’s continuing education he asked his adopted uncle (Twasen meaning respected elder), “You mentioned Spirit Chief earlier. Who was he?”

His uncle thought awhile before answering,

“Spirit Chief or Quan-naw Yel-mix-em is a powerful being. He is neither animal nor human. He is more Spirit than physical. When seen, rarely but occasionally, he is an amorphous being with a body that shimmers and is iridescent. Through tricks of light and shadow he can shape himself as needed. He was the first “Spirit” to arrive on Earth. It is said that his descendants, who still roam the Earth, have many of his characteristics. Indians call them “Stick Indians” or Big Foot. The Suyapenex (foreigners) call them Sasquatch.”

“Tell me more about him. What does he do or think?”

“Well, until about 3,000 years ago the human mind functioned automatically and lived in the present or NOW. They were highly intelligent but did not have the ability to be objective, to introspect or to think in terms of past or future.”

“Why is that different than today?”

“Merely in the way we use the left and right hemispheres of our brain. The left is our logical, reasoning hemisphere. It provides our everyday problem solving process. The right hemisphere is more intuitive and has flashes of insight that it passes to the left hemisphere.”

“Which is better left or right?”

“Depends on what you are trying to do. The right brain thinks in pictures so it can be developed into a photographic memory. It can see events and grasp the overall picture and meaning in an instant. There is no sense of past or future, everything is just there. It can generate a lot of creativity.”

The left brain is verbal, analytical and objective. It sees everything in a sequence of past, present and future. It is very rational and language oriented. It thinks in a step by step logical fashion.”

“I still don’t know which is better.”

“Well, people mostly use the left hemisphere. This has resulted in many good inventions such as cars, airplanes, computers, radio, television etc. The left brain gets its inspiration from the right brain and proceeds to develop the idea.

“Unfortunately, this has resulted in a bloated ego. People are so self-centered they abuse this power. They have subdued the use of the right hemisphere which emphasizes being conscious of the present. In other words, we are so busy with the future we ignore the present.”

“How can we change that?”

“We must shed obsolete beliefs, adopt a new morality and envision a new world. This means moving from the obsolete Industrial Age of conquest, colonization and consumption to connection, communication, and consciousness. We can evolve our consciousness by living more in the present.

The key is to increase the use of the brain’s right hemisphere. Left brain thinking is inherent in our education, business, health care, and government systems. The left brain world lives in the exterior, material environment. Right brain is more passive and meditative so it seems out of step with the material world.”

“Seems like an impossible task.”

“Immense but not impossible if people become aware of the situation.”

“So will Coyote be the catalyst to make people aware?”

“Yes, with the help of Spirit Chief.”


Wendell George writes Go-la’-ka Wa-wal-sh (Raven Speaks). He can be reached via email at His books are available at the local book stores, tribal museum and Amazon.