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Why I Am So Open About Cannabis

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By John Novak - Wauconda, WA

Have you ever watched a love one in the last moments of fighting for their lives in a losing battle with cancer?

Have you witnessed the pain? Pain killers are a blessing, for sure, but have you personally seen the confusion that opiates bring on?

I have. First hand and more than once!

However, this is a different story of some of the people here in your state. It is a true story.

Jack and Jill (obviously not the real names) lived up on their hill and were living their life, happily ever after.

Jack began having pains, finally went in to the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer all over his body. He was given 6 weeks to 6 months. After a few weeks of keeping it to themselves, they finally told community members the sad news.

So medical cannabis growers began to plan and scheme a way to give it to Jack at no cost through donations, since nurses and doctors were more than willing to write a recommendation.

This goes on all over the state, despite their being labeled as "criminal" because of the black market's corruption of ethics on both sides of the law, even when unintended. You wouldn't know that unless you actually got out and talked one on one with nurses, doctors, patients, dispensaries, growers, police, judges, politicians, ministers, etc.

I can hear the moans already about dispensaries making profits. Before you pass judgement on them, consider how many deaths are caused by legal drug sales on pain killers and anti-depressants. Cannabis? NONE. Take away the black market and the ungodly profits go up in smoke and you're left with people who really want to help other people.

That's a dabate for a different blog. Or below in the comments.

Back to Jack...

Jack lived in a part of Washington State were cannabis patients and medical growers are targeted by police raids and criminals. There are no dispensaries within 100 miles of his home. Jack did not want to be the cause of anyone getting raided, even though he was not against cannabis to help him deal with cancer.

However, this story does not end with Jack getting his cannabis and being cured.

The growers never got the lights on, even though all of them knew it was worth any risks.

Jack died just about two weeks later.

That's just the way it's been working all over the state behind the scenes since before we even had medical laws. Well before I planted my first seed. But you don't hear those stories and the mainstream press has not been allowed to tell you about any of the real cases where cancer was cured with cannabis. (Shhhhhh don't tell anyone....they are all over youtube!)

You see, we learned cannabis is medicine by actually using it, not debating about it with stupid political opinions that come in the guise of "legality".

It has been medicine for this planet since shamans first discovered its healing powers thousands of years before we identified the active ingredients with modern science.

Is it a just and moral society that helps ease suffering, or one that adds trauma and stress into the lives of the sick and dying for using a non-toxic plant?

"Human compassion neccessiates...". Those three words were included in our medical cannabis laws as the foundation on why we voted it in as a people.

Cannabis is helping, and in many cases curing, people all over our state that are brave enough to risk it all. We want to have a meaningful life where we can contribute to society just like everyone else. WE ARE YOU!

We wrote laws to help people use it. Not abuse them when they do.

Cannabis prohibition is allowing needless suffering and death.

We see the value it brings to ourselves and our communities.

The votors of Washington state have already spoken loudly on this in past elections and is ready to do it again with legalizing it for adults 18 and over, keeping in place laws and restrictions dealing with minors.

Our public officials have not held to the spirit and the foundation of our medical cannabis laws passed over a dozen years ago. It is time we hold them to task.

These issues are being debated in our legislature and we need to be sure they follow through.

Washington state patients are not protected from arrest under current laws!

That is why I wholeheartedly tell my story openly and encourage everyone to help protect our rights by ending prosecution on law abiding citizens that use cannabis. When everyone has the same right to use cannabis, our sick and dying will never face prosecution by this state government ever again!

Well, the science on cannabis has arrived and we are the mainstream now.

Please support Sensible Washington's initiative to end needless suffering.

Here's how...

  1. Check out to find out more and learn how to volunteer

  2. Register to vote if you are a resident in Washington State:

  3. Sign the petition from Sensible Washington


Don't wait for the legislature to protect patients from being arrested!