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Cannabis Hemp: If it's in my town's store, it's in yours!

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Cannabis Hemp: If it's in my town's store, it's in yours!

By John Novak - Wauconda, WA

We are volunteering again this year for Sensible Washington, the campaign to legalize cannabis here in our state. We will be looking for people to help in any way possible in eastern WA.

All of us are aware of the recreational uses in society. We know from politicians that it has no class boundaries. Both the wealthiest and poorest of our society light up regularly.

Prohibition has done nothing to stop this. In fact, statistics show that cannabis is now more available to users in every city to small town, across the world, than ever before in recorded history.

More and more are beginning to realize its value as medicine. While governments are slow to admit this, the evidence shows us they do know. Thanks to the internet, everyone can see how the Nixon administration ignored and falsified information when test results on cannabis came in. It was even found to be safe for human consumption.

However, not as many people as you might think are aware of cannabis' value as a food and industrial plant. Products made from cannabis hemp are starting to be stocked on shelves in everything from grocery stores to department stores. While hemp can be imported for use in products, it is still illegal for farmers in the USA to grow it under current laws.

So Kim and I went in two local businesses in our nearby town of Republic, WA to talk with the owners and buy their products made from cannabis hemp.

Our first stop was a natural food co-op. We introduced ourselves as local business owners (Changing Planet / Wauconda Gardens). We said we were volunteers for Okanogan and Ferry County's Sensible Washington effort to get cannabis legalized in our state.

We then asked if she could show us all the different products they carried made with hemp. She was very enthusiastic, hoping our efforts to be successful as they would be very interested in expanding their hemp line of products, especially locally made.

We found:

*Hemp Milk made from cannabis seeds (non dairy)

*Shelled hemp seeds for raw eating, sprinkling on cereals, light cooking

*Hemp seed oil

*Organic granola made with hemp seeds

One thing that strikes you immediately about these products is the food value you get. It contains the very important Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, all 9 essential amino acids, and up to 35% protein!

Oh yeah, they also carried cigarette rolling papers made purely from hemp, so no reason to cut down trees for smokers! Perhaps stores will carry hemp toilet paper to save even more!

We then walked next door to a clothing store. I was a bit intimidated at first because the business owner was definitely not someone you would consider at first glance to be open to this discussion. I was expecting a prohibitionist conservative and had visions of being asked to leave.

So we introduced ourselves as volunteers for Sensible Washington and asked if she had any hemp products she could sell us. She said there were no clothing items. After a few minutes discussion, she remembered the hemp lace made from the fibers on the shelf used in jewelry making. She began asking very good questions about how easy it was for farmers and ranchers to grow and use it.

After almost a half hour conversation, the owner gave us both hugs and wished us success. All it took was a few questions and answers presented in the right way and now she sees the need and demand for legalization!

Think about it. We talked about cannabis to local business owners in hardcore conservative America and got a hug and thanks for our efforts!

Don't be afraid to talk to people about this plant! The time for change has come and we are riding the wave to a healthier, happier and more prosperous future with HEMP!

Help Washington Famers!


Volunteers needed today!