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The War on Cannabis is Over: Seattle Hempfest 2012 rocks!

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You are now in a state of cannabis drug war appeasement, America.

Sweet victory is here and it was won, not just with hippies, but with every day American citizens.

Help has arrived at a time when cannabis legalization is finally beginning to take form, not only as an industry, but as a powerful political force in its own right.

The Cannabis Community has finally joined together for a common cause they may not have even been aware of for the most part. Medical, recreational and industrial cannabis and hemp consumers blended into a wall-to-wall mass of over 240,000 attendees over the three day long festival known as Seattle Hempfest last weekend.

The entire mile and a half stretch along Seattle's waterfont parks was filled with a thriving new industry just waiting to explode all over America.

This is a new industry that is making a difference in people's lives by bringing a much needed jobs and a medical alternative to what big pharma has offered.

Wall-to-wall people in attendance. When you used to hear about Hempfest, you'd think it was just a bunch of pot smoking hippies and Rastafarians, right?

When you add in hundreds of Cannabis Collective Garden booths, you'd think, UH OH! Here comes trouble, right?

Mainstream press and law enforcement have tried labeling the industry as a whole as nothing more than a fraud to legitimize criminal organizations and cartel gangs.


Seattle Hempfest's own Vivian McPeak highlighted this fact by stating in one of his recent Facebook posts, "Hempfest happened and nobody got killed, or seriously hurt."

There was more than a few times I heard people saying that "the cops and Feds are here undercover". HHehe...I would always answer that with, "DUH!". They'd laugh, then keep on walking with a smile and a joint in their hand.

That speaks volumes to me. It also sent a clear signal to our political figures all around the world:


People not only went to the festival, they packed the entire city! There were crowds of people, headed out the gates and all over Seattle. I saw burger stands miles away packed with happy hempfesters on my way home Saturday evening.

Emerging cannabis-based corporations were laughed at on Wall Street as they began trading on the stock market. Yet even in that laughter, even the major pharmaceutical companies were pushing the barriers that opened the doors.

New cannabis based medicines are in the testing phases. This is not Marinol, a synthetically derived cannabinoid based medicine.

Plant based cannabinoid medicines are poised to spring into your medicine cabinets as soon as 2013 or 2014. These products are already being marketed and sold in countries all across Europe.

The industry was ridiculed when Trade Unions were formed. Union busting of the medical marijuana growers is in full swing as can be seen from recent events leading up to Hempfest. A press conference fiasco in Seattle recently highlights this fact.

A campaign to discredit medical marijuana patients and their providers by calling them greedy and criminal has also been ongoing by journalists and a few activists.

A recent article published in July 2012 highlights this fact even further, "Knocking out the most sophisticated professionals in state medical marijuana systems leave little-to-no organized business competition for the usual players who produce scheduled drugs and their raw materials for medical use. The pioneers of the medical marijuana industry are out as control of the resource shifts and the dollars from the market are channeled into the coffers of the usual winners in the larger economy."

When Wall Street and Trade Unions collide for control of cannabis at Hempfest, you know our movement is finally bearing fruit from its decades of tireless activism.

So why do I say that the war is over? There's a piece of news that's been reported on, but not publicized.

Plant based cannabinoids have been moved from the controlled substances list schedule one down to schedule three.

So what's the big deal?

The big deal is, this conclusively proves once and for all time that cannabis IS medicine!

The patent for Marinol expired. Generic versions of the drug can begin. Generic versions can use plant based medicines instead of synthetic.

Marjijuana infused products made directly from the plant are being produced and tested for final FDA approval. To have legal marijuana infused products, licenses must be issued for somebody to grow it. Every state in America will have to change their controlled substances list now if they haven't already.

Get it now?

When the importance of these facts sinks in, you see why debating the issues within your state over what form you want to see that legalization is now up to each of you to decide.

At Hempfest, three different groups were there to represent their version of Legalization.

New Approach Washington is the sponsor of I-502, currently the hot topic of debate. Their measure reached the ballot last year and will be voted in this year's election. The effort was largely aided by campaign contributions from corporate interests, lawyers and law enforcement lobbyists. This provided money for signature gatherers and television commercials. It includes tough new DUID laws for cannabis users and a possible tax and regulate system on adults. It would also decriminalize up to an ounce for personal use.

The Cannabis Child Protection Act, known as I-514 had volunteers collecting signatures from the crowds. They believe the fitst step in protecting our children from cannabis is to get it out of the schools by giving control to adults. It would remove most criminal penalties on adults and allow for a space to grow your own at home for any purpose.

Also present was the group Sensible Washington, sponsors of past efforts to get legalization on the ballot. The group is trying to finalize their version of legalization. They will likely be gathering signatures next year in hopes of getting on the ballot in time for next year.

Do you want a legalization that is written to benefit Wall Street and law enforcement? The boom on stock prices in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and agricultural and other related stocks like insurance and science labs for testing in the enforcement/regulation are sure to bring a windfall for investors, regardless of what forms these laws end up looking like.

Now is the time for you to get involved in the process!

All it will take is one state to pass a legalization bill to make the headlines.

In any case, it always makes sense to do your due diligence before making any decisions that could effect you, your family and your well being.

As for me, my personal Hempfest highlight was getting to meet State Senator Jeanne Kohl Welles in person. Senator Welles and her staff heard my call after being raided in 2010 over medical cannabis.

My case was being held up because the prosecutors in Okanogan County said that the medical law did not allow for patients to also be providers.

Senator Welles and her staff fought hard and were able to include the sections stating that patients could in fact be providers. My case was eventually dismissed.

No matter your concern, medical and recreational cannabis or industrial hemp, all joined together in one loud and clear message for our planet in 2012! LEGALIZE CANNABIS!

Thank you Seattle Hempfest!