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Rules for "Theater Geeks" Blog

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Rule #1: You talk about “Theater Geeks”

Rule #2: You talk about “Theater Geeks”

Yes, I know I’m using a movie reference to talk about theater, but bear with me...

Rule #3: Once a review is posted, the review is over.

Rule #4: Only three reviewers on the blog (at this time)

Rule #5: One play reviewed at a time.

Rule #6: Bloggers and commenters will use their real names and give their honest opinions.

Rule #7: Bloggers and commenters can continue posting as long as they are having a good time.

Rule #8: If this is your first time reading “Theater Geeks,” you have to comment.

Well, our latest review was not completely glowing, so I wanted to touch base with our readers on what we’re all about here. We want to create conversation around local community theater and encourage folks to go see theater. As local actors and directors ourselves, we also have noticed (for decades) the lack of a mechanism to provide reviews for local theater. So we thought, heck! Let’s do it ourselves. And the Wenatchee World was kind enough to let us start this blog.

In our review of “The MOMologues” there was originally a disclaimer at the top by TJ that she did not have kids, so this play was not really her cup of tea. I’m the one who took the disclaimer out because I wanted the review to start on a positive note. Later in the review, we talked about some weaknesses in the play and that brought out some comments in defense of the show.

Thank you! We want that.

Please know that we expect great theater from our local groups. We've seen it time and time again. Our valley is blessed with talented folks. But I think it is also important that our reviews be honest. If we see serious weaknesses in a play, we are going to say something. We are going to be real. And we will be just as real if our breath was taken away by a show. You are going to hear it all.

And that’s where the rest of the community comes in. Whether you agree or disagree with what we say, please comment! There are people just like you out there so when you comment, it clarifies the picture of the play for others and provides wonderful feedback for directors that they probably won't get any other way.

Whaddya say? Are you in? If so, refer to Rule #8.