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Special deal on online subscriptions

Across the sea in a foreign land, the visions of the foothills and the Columbia River flood your mind. You picture the sunrise from Saddle Rock, cresting over the East Wenatchee horizon on a warm summer morning. 

What is new in the digital world?

If I were to scan through your browser history, what would I find? Facebook, Craigslist, recent Google searches about when the heat is going to end, and of course, right?

Sleepy Hollow Fire sparks online traffic

On Sunday, June 28, around 7 p.m. I got onto my phone and started scrolling through my email and checking Facebook, prepping myself for the week. Knowing that there was a fire across the river, I noticed that the updates on The Wenatchee World website and Facebook page were closer together, and I could feel a pit in my stomach beginning to grow.

Silver linings within the plumes of smoke

Since last Sunday, the Wenatchee Valley has been turned upside down and spun 180 degrees about 100 times. We have watched our friends and families experience heart breaking loss and our community has been rattled by the destruction that the Sleepy Hollow Fire has caused.  
View of the foothills on fire by Albert Rookard

2015 fire season starts with a vengeance

Facebook feeds across the valley went from rainbows and politics to harrowing pictures of the fires that broke out in Wenatchee Sunday night. The Wenatchee World reporters were quick on the scene to report news in real time to keep the community informed and safe. The Digital Department worked late into the night to help post the news on social media and share the photos and videos that were sent to us. The amount of traffic to our social media and website was astounding. In fact, it took our website ...

NCW Calendar funds the fun

According to, Wenatchee is the fifth most fitness-friendly city in America. Hey, what can we say? Between the handfuls of cyclists that can be spotted every day, to the dedicated crew that runs every Tuesday and Thursday to the talented yogis on every street corner, it is hard to argue.
Community Connections

Russ Alman | An engaged Facebook community

Last week, Wenatchee World reporters took some time to reflect on what had been an historic, or perhaps infamous, month. With only about one-third of the fire season over, we have already faced the largest wildfire in Washington state history. As the social media manager for The Wenatchee World, I’d like to add my perspective.
Community Connections

Kelli Scott | Fire season on Facebook

Scrolling through Facebook one smoky evening last week, I came across a video interview with a local online marketing pro in which this successful social media advocate extolled the virtues of new media and asserted flatly that newspapers are not dying. They are dead.
Community Connections

Kelli Scott: Bid now for restaurant discounts on The World’s website

After 109 years in Wenatchee, The World has made more than a few connections with other local businesses. This week, we are putting those connections to use for the benefit of our readers by offering a chance to purchase gift cards to restaurants and other businesses across town at deep discounts. It’s called the “Bite Me! Again” online auction, so named because The World recently published a restaurant guide called “Bite Me!”
Community Connections

Kelli Scott | Paying it forward in NCW

Rebecca Maloney was having a tough day. We’re talking grocery-store-with-a-hungry-infant-in-tow tough. There she was in the checkout line at the Fred Meyer store in East Wenatchee, groceries half-bagged and just minutes from getting out the door, when she realized she’d left her wallet at home. As Rebecca explained her situation to the clerk, a woman standing behind her in line — a complete stranger — stepped in and picked up her tab of more than $60. The generous woman’s one request was that Rebecca do something kind for someone else ...
Community Connections

Kelli Scott | A forum for all voices

Regular readers of this newspaper’s Safety Valve section may have noticed that relatively few letters to the editor are signed with Spanish surnames. But take a look at The World’s Facebook page and you will see Latinos from across North Central Washington weighing in on almost everything we post.