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Parents don't lose sight of fun

As a young 20-something, I appreciate a good social life. I don’t have kids; I work a full-time job, and it’s just my fiance and me and our dog — so it’s easy to go out.
Russ Alman

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

Hi, I'm Russ Alman, and I'm the primary social media manager for the Wenatchee World. I, along with my business partner, Dominick Bonny, curate most of what goes on in the World's social cyberspace. I thought you might be wondering who this "Russ A." guy is that responds to your comments and questions, and since it was my turn to write a column for Your Digital World this week, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce myself.   

Go! Spotify Playlist: Punxsutawney Swing

“Cal” by Silver Torches: With this track this young Seattle band is reminiscent of Bruce Hornsby and The Range mixed with a little Jackson Browne, and it encapsulates all that’s right and good about modern independent music. There are so many great artists (especially from the Pacific Northwest) who are making music that reminds me of popular rock’s best years – this is one.
World's Best 2016

Who's the best? You decide!

Is there a salon that comes to mind that is just the best? What about your favorite burger? Or furniture store? Now you have the chance to show your support and vote for them in the 2016 World’s Best!

Share A Live Window to the World with Periscope

Imagine you're taking a hike up Saddlerock on a clear, crisp morning. The sun is peeking over the horizon and the vista is just gorgeous. But instead of taking a video, saving it, and uploading it to Facebook or Twitter later, you want to share it in real time, LIVE?  

Go! Spotify Playlist: Lonely Pioneers

“Life on Mars” by David Bowie: By now everyone and their dog has written a farewell to David Bowie, who recently died of cancer at 69. But his impact and importance on music and culture cannot be overstated. There was a defiant strength to his weirdness that made other weirdos feel like maybe it’s not that weird to be weird. Get it? It’s hard to pick a favorite Bowie song but this one showcases his operatic vocal talent, his flair for drama and his lyrical abilities.   
Question of the week: January 11-15

New year sparks new conversation

You may have already noticed that we have some new things on this page. It’s not the normal layout with the playlist on the left, photos down below with an article on top, right?

Go! Spotify Playlist: Resolution to Rock

“Ace of Spades” by Motörhead: “You know I'm born to lose and gambling's for fools. But that's the way I like it, baby. I don't wanna live forever.”The rock family lost a patriarch last week. R.I.P. Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka “Lemmy” – legendary frontman, bassist and songwriter for the English Metal Band Motörhead. You have to admire a man who puts his money where his mouth is – Lemmy lived his life with no regrets, never looking back.

Cleaning? Clean your phone, too

When a new year arrives, we focus our attention on clean eating, cleaning out the house, etc. But we miss one, very important piece attached to our hip, figuratively and, well, literally speaking — our phones!
Dec. 29: Best of 2015

Go! Spotify Playlist: 10 Best of 2015

“Lean On” by Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MØ):Major Lazer has been making really good electronic music for a long time, so it’s cool to see the group get the accolades deserves for this massive hit. This one will make you want to dance.  
Digital Department

How the digital department celebrates the holidays

Happy holidays from the Digital Department! Every Tuesday, the back of the A section is chock-full of reader photos, playlists and an article about something local or digital or both. But a question you may have is who are these people that put together this content every week?
Go! Spotify Playlist for Dec. 15: Evergreen Hinterland

Go! Spotify Playlist for Dec. 15: Evergreen Hinterland

“Delilah” by Florence + The Machine: Florence Welch is hands down the best vocalist in rock music right now. The woman has an epic set of pipes. This track is off the band’s most recent album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful released this year. Apparently the folks at the Grammy’s like it too, because the album has garnered 5 nominations already, including Best Pop Vocal Album.
Dec. 8: Get Down

Dec. 8: Get Down

“Our Own House” by MisterWives: MisterWives are what you could safely call “indie darlings” – Interview, Paste and MTV Buzzworthy have all raved about this young New York-based band. And with good reason. This song is the first off their new album and it’s catchy and fun and will make you want to listen to the whole record.  
A network for local moms

A network of local moms

Today is a big day here at The World. We’re launching a new website for local moms — — and the site went live for the first time this morning. I am more than a little excited about this project. Here’s why.
Dec. 1: Slopes Musik

Dec. 1: Slopes Musik

“Since Last Wednesday” by highasakite: Maybe it’s the cold climate, or maybe it’s because Norwegians singing in English sounds really cool, but this winter I’m all about Norwegian and Swedish indie rock groups. In this track the female vocalist leads, but the choral-style backup singers mixed with the pipe organs in the background creates an ethereal, cathedral-esque sound.