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Andrea Andrus | A few new faces in Your Digital World

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I <3 Kelli Scott

For the past several months on this page, you’ve been treated to thoughtful and fun columns from Kelli, digital content coordinator for The World.  Well, former digital content coordinator is more accurate.  

Kelli has moved over to the Go! section of the paper, where she’ll be keeping us all up to date about arts and entertainment news here in North Central Washington. Kelli’s move is a win-win for her and The World. I’m the only loser in this scenario. Not only did I lose an outstanding employee from my department, but she was my cubicle mate. If I happened to open up a package of orange chocolate Milano cookies, Kelli wouldn’t judge.

She would nibble away with me. I miss our regular chats about our kids, hubbies and TV shows.  (Me: “Downton Abbey.” Kelli: “Game of Thrones.”)Beginning this week, you’ll be treated to the musings of our social media coordinator, Russ Alman, and a few of my thoughts about what is happening in The World online (and maybe about who will be killed off in Season 5 of Downton.) And I have convinced/guilted Kelli into continuing to write for this page occasionally.

If you aren’t a big texter and wondering about the first sentence of this column, a “<” put next to a “3” turns into a heart. It has become very common to include these in texts and posts on social media. In fact, I’ve even heard some of the younger generation say out loud “I heart you,” instead of “I love you.” Another common way to say “I love you” when texting is to simply type “ILY.”

There are so many acronyms (also known as initialisms) nowadays, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Everyone should be familiar with “LOL,” meaning “laugh out loud.” Along with the fact that LOL is way overused.

Here are a few others that readers post along with their comments on The World’s Facebook page from time to time, with an assortment of smiley faces:

IMO — In my opinion

SMH — Shaking my head

BTW — By the way

YOLO — You only live once

RME — Rolling my eyes

@_@ — Another way to roll your eyes via text message (my favorite)

FWIW — For what it’s worth

FCOL — For crying out loud

Good luck Kelli! YOLO! BTW, Kelli hates too many exclamation points! Maybe she’ll take matters into her own hands and write for us more than once a month!!!!

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