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There must be more than one reason to be a Republican

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John Elway has never been my favorite NFL player but when he explained his reason for supporting the GOP he totally dropped off the scale of intelligence in my book. He stated he supports the GOP because he doesn’t believe in safety nets. The term safety net is one of the concepts Republicans use which for them has been reasonably effective in their attempt to encourage people to remain within their tribe.

For too many the ‘safety net’ concept gives the impression of weakness or carries the implication that a person can’t make it on his/her own. Many people want to prove their strength and independence rather than honestly admitting they gratefully receive help from others throughout their lives.

In reality, John Elway has relied on safety nets through much of his life. We all begin life totally dependent on our parents or family. Family is a wonderful safety net. When we go to college and depend on financial aid and scholarships, especially full ride athletic scholarships that I’m sure Elway received, it is definitely a safety net. John Elway also became rich playing in football stadiums built through federal, state or city government tax support.

The National Football League is an organization that happens to be tax exempt meaning ‘we the taxpayers’ are providing a safety net so they can operate with maximum revenue allowing such individual as John Elway to become famous and wealthy.

Elway became wealthy through the safety net of professional football. He has become wealthy because thousands and thousands of people purchased tickets or bought items advertised to provide huge TV contracts providing the Bronco’s plenty of money to pay him. Many fans purchasing John Elway merchandise also adding to his safety net.

Our Government provides many safety nets in terms of maintaining security in our financial system, safety in our commercial transportation, protecting our food supply and providing an infrastructure in terms of transportation, water, clean air.

The Republican Party, without admitting it, supports extensive safety nets but they are clever at using terms such as trickle down economics or tax breaks to create jobs or lobbying efforts to eliminate regulations. I have no problem with John Elway supporting the GOP but he lacks intelligence if he thinks he has become what he is through his own efforts without benefiting from safety nets.

John Elway proves you can benefit from the system without having any appreciation for how the system works. I’m glad John Elway supports the Broncos. Perhaps his support of the GOP will have the same impact on the GOP as his guidance of the Bronco’s did in the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks.